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Allpride Signs is your first choice for quality and effective signage, consistently delivering on all digital and static signage needs for your venue. Working with our clients in the hospitality industry for over 30 years, we have developed an extensive portfolio of signage solutions for hotels, clubs, restaurants and bars. Our team are equipped to handle all jobs, big or small or HUGE!

Allpride’s Business Development Managers work directly with you, organising a consultation or site-visit, identifying signage needs, requirements and helping you plan for future projects. We ensure any advertising space is optimised and that your venue is

delivering on every front, enhancing your patron’s experience and increasing revenue.

Our portfolio of hospitality signage includes LED pylons, compliance, directional, edgelits, LCD displays, LED sport screens, custom flex neon, fabricated letters, light boxes, window and wall graphics, vehicle signage and wayfinding … we have solutions for all signage needs.

We offer the highest quality products and service at a fantastic price. A full on-site team across sales, design, manufacture, installation and IT support means no 3rd parties are required, and our clients deal directly with us for all aspects of any job.

Explore our extensive range of signage options online, or contact us to get started.

Allpride Signs     (02) 4920 7070

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Integrating smart technology with Banktech

With so many inputs and systems to juggle around managing cash, staffing challenges and gaming floor efficiencies, it can be a difficult balancing act to get right. Using an integrated gaming and cash management solution could be the answer.

Cash usage might be declining but it certainly isn’t dead yet. While gaming is still very much a cash transaction, venues still need to account for cash for food & beverage, TAB terminals, cash redemption terminals and ATMs. Cash recyclers are one way of streamlining processes back of house. 

“Time consuming tasks like dispensing tills and balancing are made so much easier and quicker. These types of devices can also make daily clearances and reconciliation more accurate and reduce shrinkage,” states Banktech GM of sales, Henry Kiwarkis.

Save time and hours with smart tech

Smart devices such as automated cashier safes and cash redemption terminals have revolutionised gaming payouts across venues. These have helped remove the need for manual payouts by staff and rostering staff to process cash and cheque payouts.

The same applies to the use of cash recyclers in speeding up (with accuracy) gaming clearances and balancing your safe. It also helps save on labour input.

“We all know how those additional hours can add up in a roster – every week, every month, every year – affecting your wages to sales figures and ultimately the bottom line,” says Kiwarkis.

The necessity of a good gaming system is a given. Venues need to ensure devices are all hooked into an operating system that can make every machine visible and offer the latest in enhancements.

System add-ons like TITO and loyalty are a must when looking for efficiencies and better customer service delivery. A good gaming system should offer these functionalities as a minimum.

Smart reporting is also an important feature of a gaming system in saving time and stress. Good reporting can provide an invaluable lens on your gaming floor performance and help with making operational and broader business decisions.

One solution

While there are several individual solutions to saving time, cost and stress, the real answer lies in being able to bring all of these tech capabilities together so that you have complete visibility over your operations. You should be able to see what you want, when you want and from the palm of your hand.

“OmniVISION is Banktech’s online portal that allows users to check everything from cash levels in their devices to how their gaming floor is performing at any given time. This allows you the peace of mind to be able to check in whenever you want,” explains Kiwarkis.

Smart Support equals less stress

Even the smartest tech can hit a glitch from a power surge or human error. Good support when you need it 24/7 goes a long way in reducing worry and stress by giving peace of mind that someone in the know is there to help. Service providers like Banktech and UTOPIA Gaming Systems are a great example of where a local on-shore help desk is just a phone call away. No tickets, no recorded messages – just help when you need it.

To find out how you can save time, cost and stress in running your venue, call Banktech today on 1800 08 09 10 or visit them at Stand #310 at the AGE.

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Since its inception in 2001, Circle has become a known and trusted market leader in providing venues with visitor management hardware and software solutions to streamline visitor and member entry. Since this time, we have grown our team and continue to develop innovative sign-in solutions for over 370 venues throughout Australia.

We provide solutions for a broad range of industries needing to manage and record visitors to their premises. You can capture visitor and member information, identify who is coming in, and where they are coming from, and comply with regulatory body standards by electronically capturing visitor data.

Just a few of our features:

• Circle Dashboard – web-based reporting dashboard available

• Circle Express – Fast track sign-in, take our express unit to the patrons, release those bottlenecks by facilitating digital DL and member sign-in

• Footy Tipping – Engage your members in Circle NRL and AFL tipping competitions

• Scan to Join and Digital Membership Integrations – Patrons can join at sign-in, or we can integrate with membership solutions via QR code and online join form integrations

• BetSafe API – automatically updates the Self Exclusion lists in CircleScan, includes full exclusion, partial exclusions, details, and photos

• Circle API – share your valuable data to enhance BI within your venue

Our expert team is on hand to provide reliable and trusted advice. Contact us today for a chat about your venue’s requirements.

Circle Sales - (02) 4342 9717 Option 3 or  

Be sure to see us at the AGE, we will be on Stand 530 - we look forward to chatting with you!

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If you’re a hospitality operator and that’s not true for you: talk to us!

Australia’s most comprehensive business intelligence and customer engagement software for hospitality:

  • Purpose-built dashboard engine - powered by an Enterprise Data Warehouse
  • AI and ML algorithms for clustering, pattern recognition and anomaly detection
  • Fully automated digital customer engagement software – powered by a Customer Data Platform

As a hospitality operator, you’re likely using multiple disparate and/or legacy systems to run your business: POS, labour, gaming, table booking, table ordering, membership, surveys …

Each of these data sources has the potential to drive business improvements – to top and bottom line – IF relevant data reaches the hands of decision-makers in an automated, timely, convenient and accurate manner.

It all starts with an enterprise data warehouse and a user interface that lets you easily see results, trends and correlations, yielding powerful strategic and daily decision-making insights. We’ve delivered precisely these data solutions to some of Australia’s most iconic venues. Even more exciting is what’s possible for your business when artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms are put to work on your relevant data points.

Our Insights Dashboards provide a 360-degree view of your entire operation, giving you full visibility and command of your club or venues and a basis for ML and AI.

  • A snapshot of your operations
  • Patterns and trends over time
  • Product and gaming insights
  • An intuitive gaming heatmap
  • Integrating major Australian POS, gaming, labour, bookings and survey software

But that’s not all. Our Automated Customer Engagement software – ACE – lets you segment, incentivise and communicate with your members via SMS and email, with no app required and absolutely no manual intervention necessary.

ACE assesses your membership on a daily basis to identify qualifying candidates for onboarding, reactivation, survey, voucher and birthday communications – and our templates make setup easy.

This type of customer engagement has been shown to boost spend by over 10% and visitation by up to 20% - not to mention the positive effect on NPS and word of mouth.

And as if that weren’t enough, after standard customer journeys are rolled out, our clients can leverage our machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to deliver ever-more delightfully personalised experiences for their members.

With quick onboarding, a convenient monthly subscription, no lock-in contract, and needing no additional IT infrastructure, COMPASSIFY could mean the difference between struggling and thriving in the present challenging environment.

COMPASSIFY. Helping Australian hospitality operators SURVIVE and THRIVE in challenging markets.

Stand 337, Australasian Gaming Expo

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Propelling gaming rooms into the future of the industry

From progressive regulation changes to evolving customer needs, casinos, clubs and hotels across Australia and NZ are faced with the challenge to do more with less, all while delivering a cutting-edge customer experience.

CPI is dedicated to serving the gaming industry with best-in-class solutions that help make every customer interaction seamless, safe, and reliable. We work with industry experts to deliver next generation payment solutions that provide ultimate oversight for better business analytics, and integration across products and solutions for seamless and total accountability.

The future of gaming is here.

Expand your payment portfolio

Note Acceptance

The SC Advance banknote validator is the industry’s leading and preferred note acceptor, offering the best first-time acceptance rate, and backed by smart connectivity tools for the ultimate ROI.

Real-Time Device Management

Easitrax Connect allows operators to address problems before they happen, with live insights and device data.

Cashless Payment

With Easitrax Connect, you can integrate Mobile Payment acceptance with existing payment systems at your machines, ushering in the next generation of payment acceptance. This is already being used in the USA and is coming to Australia and New Zealand soon.

Want to experience our leading payment solutions live? Visit our virtual showroom to learn more.

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Newly developed LED technology makes video walls obsolete, with old style video walls going the way of the VCR and DVD player. LED video walls do away with the annoying lines, and coupled with new processors give venues the ability to display multiple sports at the same time, customise the screen in real time, and display advertising for the venue.

If your venue has a video wall in it with multiple screens stuck together and lines running through it, it’s the equivalent of going down to the local video store versus streaming on Netflix. Video wall technology has come a long way, and the newest advancement is the LED screen.

Where once considered too expensive to challenge the video wall market, this is no longer the case with LED screens now on par cost-wise with its less attractive cousin, and no longer do you need to be dictated on how big your screen can be, by 40” and 55” TVs. 

DSA’s Multi Display Sports Screens are one of a kind in the market, incorporating the very best LED modules, with the most intelligent AV equipment to give venue managers the ability to control their screens like never before. DSA has rolled out these LED screens into multiple hotels, pubs and clubs across NSW.

Hoteliers and venue managers now have the ability to display multiple sports at the same time, customise the screen in real time and display in-venue advertising – all controlled by an iPad – giving managers more flexibility during the day to switch from sport to sport, and also creating one massive screen during special events.

Key Features:

  • Up to 16 inputs
  • Control how big each screen is
  • Control where it is situated on the screen
  • Control how many inputs are displayed
  • All controllable using an iPad
  • Integrate both free to air and subscription channels
  • Display in-venue advertising

If you are interested in updating your tired old video wall, DSA are the perfect partners to help. 

Contact Matthew Romeo. P: 0419 906 116 or

Digital Signs Australia

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Expert Advice and Access to Lenders: Why Businesses Choose Finance Brokers

Did you know that more than half of small businesses use equipment finance brokers for a significant portion of their financing needs? There are several reasons for this trend.


First and foremost, brokers can offer the benefits of a long-term relationship, which can be particularly important in a world where bank and account managers frequently change. Business owners appreciate working with someone who understands their business and can represent them to the market without having to repeat their story multiple times.


In addition, brokers offer a service that works around the clock. Because much of the administrative work is done outside of normal business hours, it's essential to be able to speak with a broker or banker when it's convenient for you.

A good broker will also manage the entire project, taking care of everything from arranging invoices and insurance to signing documentation and ultimate settlement.

Spreading debt

Brokers can also help businesses spread their debt over several competitive underwriting financiers, which provides a broader base for expansion and some competition to ensure the best interest rates and commercial conditions.

Brokers deliver a competitive facility, in a pain-free manner, that feels like a breath of fresh air compared to the banks.


Another benefit of working with a broker is advocacy. Many business owners are experts in their specific industries, but may not be as knowledgeable about financing equipment. A broker will ensure that any approval is most closely aligned with the client's needs, not just what the bank wants. A capable broker will have the experience, knowledge, skill, and influence to negotiate the best outcome for the client.

The changing market

It's worth noting that the market for equipment and vehicle financing is changing rapidly. With the increasing popularity of behavioural lending, many underwriters now offer automatic ‘low doc’ competitive finance approvals for selected equipment and vehicle financing up to $150,000 and $500,000 for replacement equipment, gaming machines, kitchen equipment, furniture and fit-outs. Brokers can provide some wonderful alternatives for business owners.

Selecting the right one

However, as with any industry, there are good operators and not-so-good ones. To find the right broker, it's essential to look at what existing clients are saying and ask other business owners who they use and why. The best referral is a happy customer.

You can get in touch with John Cannon to learn more about how a broker can assist your business today and into the future.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out what our clients have to say on ProductReview, with over 1300 5-star reviews.

John Cannon

Equipment Finance Broker

P: 0484 114 364 |

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Amidst the era of paramount sustainability and innovation, our attention turns to our remarkable solutions. These offerings redefine standards in quality, preservation, and hygiene, with a resolute focus on sustainability. Designed to cater to a range of industry needs, our products go beyond innovation – they are science-backed, sustainable solutions that enhance your offerings' quality while providing financial gains for your venue.

CellarControl: Elevating Beer Line Quality

Meet the solution tackling biofilm, the nemesis of beer line hygiene. Biofilm, an adhesive presence on beer line walls, attracts harmful yeast and bacteria, hastening beer spoilage. CellarControl interrupts biofilm growth, ensuring every pour delivers top-tier beer with less line cleaning.

Redefining Beer Quality: CellarControl wields scientifically-validated Sweeping Sound Technology, curbing biofilm growth and ushering an era of superior beer quality. The innovation surpasses weekly or fortnightly cleans, offering an extended top-tier beer experience.

Efficiency Amplified, Waste Trimmed: CellarControl extends line cleaning cycles to 6-8 weeks, minimizing beer wastage, reducing chemical and water use, trimming labor hours, and streamlining operations for heightened efficiency.

Science Empowered, Brewer Trusted: CellarControl's effectiveness stands affirmed by EcoDiagnostics, a government-accredited laboratory in beer testing. Science-backed assurance underlines CellarControl's pivotal role in preserving beer quality.

Ecoroq/ChillSafe: Cool room Preservation Redefined

Discover Ecoroq and ChillSafe, transforming cool room and fridge preservation. Enhancing food freshness while reducing energy consumption, Ecoroq's filters, with Guerite and Saugin minerals, redefine storage conditions. ChillSafe's hydrogen peroxide vapor combats bacteria, mould and odours, extending shelf life, heightening freshness, and optimizing energy use.

Ecoroq filters blend Guerite and Saugin to naturally adsorb and de-sorb moisture, creating optimal conditions. Water molecules pass through crystalline pores, releasing purified particles back into the refrigerated environment, safeguarding freshness with natural efficacy.

Maxi-Enzyme: A New Era of Cleanliness

Meet Maxi-Enzyme Beer Line Cleaner (MEBLC) is the ultimate in safe and effective beer line cleaning solutions. This potent multi-enzymatic cleaner, HACCP Certified and nearly pH neutral, sets the standard for cleanliness and safety.

Designed to combat organic molecules within beer systems, this advanced cleaner hails from an Australian leader in global healthcare sanitization. With over 25 years of research and development, its prowess is unmatched.

Unlike caustic cleaners that can strengthen biofilm defences, Maxi-Enzyme breaks down biofilm protection, making it easily flushed out. Each enzyme in its formula targets specific substrates, meticulously dismantling and removing protective biofilm layers. Non-corrosive and safe for drainage, Maxi-Enzyme redefines cleanliness.

Embrace a Sustainable Future with Hunter Technologies

Hunter Technologies embodies sustainable innovation, efficiency, and excellence. Each product not only meets industry challenges but also embraces sustainable practices for a greener future. From advancing sustainable beverage line management to redefining beer cleanliness with an eco-conscious approach, Hunter Technologies leads the way in positive change.             P: 1300 6 WEEKS (693 357)

Hunter Technologies

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Established in 1986, Karo designs and manufactures gaming stools for clubs, pubs, hotels and casinos.

Our products can be found in gaming venues located in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. We have a broad selection of designs, finishes and bases that can be combined in a huge number of ways to match the look and feel of your gaming room. Our casino chairs are designed and manufactured in our factory and head office located on the outskirts of Johannesburg, and have a 7-year warranty. YouTube: Why should you buy casino chairs from Karo?

At Karo, we offer a smarter solution.

  • Designed in 2013, our Ezi-Glide Disc Base allows our stools to ‘glide’ almost effortlessly over a carpeted floor
  • Our Quick-Release seats enable you to exchange damaged or soiled seat cushions within minutes, right on the gaming floor
  • Our unique weld-free design for pedestal stools eliminates the potentially disastrous failures commonly associated with chairs that have welded joints
  • Our glue-free upholstery is environmentally friendly and permits cost-effective re-upholstery to prolong the life of your investment
  • Our exclusive taper-lock design allows our pedestal stools to be easily converted from one height to another at a fraction of the cost of a new stool – even after years of use. This is particularly useful when machine bases change and existing stools are then at the incorrect height
  • To improve comfort and longevity, our seats are all manufactured in-house using automotive-grade PU moulded foam


Mike Karle

P: 0410 780 627

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Join Letizza at the ultimate pizza paradise at our stand during the upcoming Australasian Gaming Expo in Darling Harbour.

Indulge in a tantalizing feast of incredible pizza bases, where every slice is a slice of heaven.

From our Classic Pizza Bases to Thin, Gluten Free, Low Carb Cauliflower Pizza Bases, Italian Flat Bread, and Dough Balls, we’ve got you covered.

Our artisanal hand stretched pizza bases will take your taste buds on an unforgettable journey. Each pizza is prepared with the finest ingredients, hand stretched and par-baked to perfection.

Don’t miss out on this mouth-watering opportunity – swing by our stand 770 and say hello, and savour the magic of Letizza Pizza Bases.

Letizza | 1800 107 520 | @letizzapizzabakery

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At Mint, we’re made for you! We are a family-owned and operated business, designing and manufacturing custom furniture for hospitality venues since 2007.

We offer a bespoke service that is tailored to your venue’s specific needs. We’ll take the time to understand your requirements and then guide you through the process of creating quality furniture that is designed exclusively for your space.

We work directly with club managers to ensure we hit the brief every step of the way, or we can liaise directly with your architect, designer, or project manager to wow you with the end result.

Furniture Consult & Procurement: From a few chairs to a full furniture schedule; our team can help choose something just right for your venue, budget, and timeline.

Bespoke Design & Manufacture: Can't find what you're looking for? Need something a little different? We can customise our range or design something from scratch that's custom made just for you.

Delivery & Installation: We don’t stop at design; our team can coordinate your delivery anywhere in Australia and carefully assemble and install the furniture exactly where you want it – ready for use.

Upholstery & Restoration: We can take something old and make it new again. Our experienced upholstery team can repair and restore your existing furniture to bring it back to life.

AGE 2023

You can find our team at Stand 790, or why not visit our showroom that is open throughout the duration of the AGE and exclusively to our trade clientele. Join us to see more of our bespoke furniture range, chat about your next project, or simply catch up with the team for a drink. Our Sydney Showroom is located just 15 minutes from the ICC and five minutes from Sydney Airport.

Mint FFELinkedIn · Facebook · Instagram

P: 02 9669 6775

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Unlocking The Potential in Hospitality

With over a decade of experience, Quantaco combines bespoke technology and hospitality-focused expertise to deliver outstanding results to pub groups, clubs, and restaurants.

A suite of services

Quantaco provide a range of services, all tailored to the needs of the Australian hospitality sector. Platform Services provides end-to-end accounting services better enabled through a specially created platform of technology helping to reduce labour costs and increase profitability.

Uniquely positioned to provide industry insights

Quantaco’s oversight across a vast range of the Australian hospitality industry’s financial performance makes it uniquely positioned to provide industry analysis and commentary.

Following the success of its last Industry Update, Quantaco has released, in time for the AGE event, a full year industry analysis. The report compares the financial year for 2023 against 2022. Insights includes how gaming has performed, analysis on food, beverage as well as wages.

The report is available free of charge.

Come and say Hi to the team, at stand #589 at the AGE.


P: 02 8526 1900

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Since inception in 2016, RDM Pizza has been building on its Italian-Australian heritage to become a market leader in authentic pizza products. From our award-winning dough to the highest quality pizza ovens, to speciality products we’ve developed to satisfy gaps in the market. We are passionate at our core. Lovingly made, all our pizza products are made by hand in our Sydney factory using ethically sourced, premium Aussie ingredients to our authentic family recipe.

We’re proud of the things that set us apart. From our hands-on approach, national distribution network, expert teams, and authentic products to the strong relationships we hold with our customers.

Some of the ways we support you:

  • Free in-depth training and education for staff (and retraining when necessary), plus educational assets and expertise to save money in the kitchen
  • Complete ongoing product support: we believe in helping you become a leading pizza destination. From products to training, world class ovens and equipment; combining our knowledge and expertise for a brand that you can trust and always rely on
  • Authentic traditional Italian recipe – for those that care about provenance and authenticity. Hand-made and consistent pizza products, made in our Sydney factory
  • Quality and consistency: We know that you need to have a premium quality product, every single time
  • Quick cooking times: Maximising your output and bottom line

We specialise in Artisan Rustic Edge par-baked pizza bases, slow fermented snap frozen pizza dough balls as well as ready to eat pizza options for both retail and food service. When you come on board with RDM, you are more than just a customer, you become family. We go above and beyond for our family, because that’s what family does.

We are proud of the long-standing relationships with our customers, and contributing to the growth of their businesses and our own.

Visit us at Stand 680 and see how you can maximise your menu's bottom line with our pizza solutions.

RDM Pizza

P: 02 8040 2459 |

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In Australia’s evolving hospitality industry, finding a reliable point-of-sale partner who can help you maximise efficiencies, business profitability and customer engagement is essential for any club or pub.

SENPOS Point of Sale has pioneered point-of-sale technology in Australia for over 30 years, collaborating with our customers to enhance front and back of house operations, whilst keeping pace with industry relevant software integrations – such as staff management, accounting and purchasing software, among more.

(L) SENPOS Account Manager Brendan Driscoll, (R) Luke Richards, CEO at Culburra Bowling and Recreation Club

In addition, our customers also benefit from an Australian support team who are committed to providing training and timely help year-round, crucial for peak trade periods. SENPOS specialise in creating tailored point-of-sale ecosystems featuring POS terminals, member kiosks, tablets and fully integrated online ordering.

(L) David Potter, Director Club Charlestown

From first demonstration through to installation, our team create a seamless experience that makes transitioning to SENPOS simple.

(L) SENPOS NSW Regional Account Manager Richard Worgan, (R) Hussh, Driving Range Manager Charlestown Golf Club

Meet us at the AGE Expo – Stand #497 – to see a demonstration and discuss your tailored solution.

SENPOS – Hospitality point of sale

P: 1300 621 313 |