Australia’s first independent ATM deployer, Banktech, continues to lead the ATM industry by enabling ATM users to deposit and withdraw cash from digital accounts at its new CashConnect ATM Plus machines, building the bridge between cash and digital payments.

“More venue patrons are using mobile Apps so offering them the convenience of ‘topping up’ their digital wallet at the ATM is a highly valued service,” commented David Glen, CEO of Banktech. “The customer demand will only continue to grow.”

Banktech is currently partnering with the on-line bookmaker Ladbrokes to allow Ladbrokes customers to top up their digital wallets with cash at ATM Plus. The Queensland Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) has recently confirmed a venue does not breach any laws or its licence conditions by allowing patrons to top up a digital wallet with cash at the new Banktech ATM Plus machines.

Banktech is also working with a range of Australian charities to allow patrons to make cash donations at ATM Plus and receive both a digital and physical tax receipt.

The ATM Plus terminal does standard ATM transactions such as withdrawals and account balances, however it also features a QR code scanner and a bank note acceptor, allowing the ATM to accept notes.

These new ATM services also offer an innovative way to increase foot traffic into a venue as well as providing a new income stream by paying the venue a fee per transaction at the CashConnect ATM Plus.

Banktech owns and operates more than 2,500 ATMs across

Australia. “Many of our existing ATM customers are upgrading to CashConnect ATM Plus and getting themselves ready for a digital future,” says David Glen.


Whilst cash usage may be declining across bars and food outlets, it’s still very much in use in gaming floors across Australia.

Managing cash efficiently can be a challenge for business of all sizes. In many instances dedicated staff are required for cash clearances, counting and balancing each day. Till floats are required for each shift and then balanced at the end of the day.

Banktech DepositConnect Cash Recyclers have transformed the ways pubs handle large amounts of cash. They streamline cash handling processes, reduce operational and employee costs, increase accuracy and bolster security.

A cash recycler automatically accepts and dispenses cash – notes, coins or both. It authenticates, checking for counterfeit currency, and tracks all money in and out. Cash is stored securely within, using intelligent safes with features like time-delay locks.

The cash recycler is a cash management solution that will do all the counting and reconciliation, leaving staff free to spend time on more productive and valuable tasks.


Tracking cash movement across all devices can be time consuming. Banktech’s OMNI Vision makes tracking how much cash is on hand in devices at any given time easier than ever, helping frontline staff manage the reconciliation and replenishment of devices.

Every ATM can be monitored via the web portal at any time, from anywhere. The data can track when cash is being used, allowing a manager to advise how many notes are required to top it up, and move floats to other devices to better utilise cash.

OMNI Vision also allows for simplified reconciling and re-floating cash in devices through report exports.


Cash management devices are useful, but only as good as their reliability and the support required when it’s needed. Banktech directly employs field service technicians, available seven days, and help desk staff available 24/7. Response time is crucial and ours is the envy of competitors and the one of the reasons Banktech continues to be a market leader.

To learn more, visit or call 1800 080 910.




In the past 18 months, we have seen the biggest shift to digital media in human history.

COVID restrictions created a gap in technology. With time, this technological gap only became more prominent.

Fortunately, our team here at Bepoz is always innovating.

We understand modern problems require modern solutions.

Here are the snippets of those modern solutions we had planned to showcase at the Australasian Gaming Expo for 2021:

James Verlaque, National Sales Director |

0426 227 040



The Finer Things

It’s the technology on everybody’s lips. There is no product that leaves patrons enamoured quite like fine pitch indoor LED. It allows your creative juices to run rampant and create an experience in your space that is only limited by your imagination.

What is Fine Pitch LED?

Within our industry, fine pitch is considered to be any pixel pitch at or below 2.6mm. It is used solely for indoor applications, such as video walls, LED rings and indoor signage.

Pixel pitch is defined by the space between the individual LED (light emitting diodes) on the screen. 2.6mm pixel pitch has 2.6mm between each LED. It also serves as an indicator for viewing distance, with 2.6 plus metres being ideal for a 2.6mm screen.

What should I know when selecting a supplier for a fine pitch product?

Pitch does not determine quality. BSV will choose the perfect pitch for each project, according to the viewing distance. Don’t be disillusioned into thinking that finer pitch means better quality; BSV will always select quality componentry for all our screens, no matter what the pixel pitch. A finer pixel pitch will have better resolution, but the componentry should also always be of the best quality.

What can be achieved with fine pitch LED?

There is a plethora of creative options for your venue when it comes to fine pitch LED, with options and technology continuing to evolve.

Split Screen Technology
Transform your video wall into sporting hubs with BSV’s split screen capabilities. Choose to split your screen into two, four, five or six different viewing options, giving patrons the ultimate choice in entertainment.

Display the latest specials in your venue, real-time sports scores, or up-to-date news headlines with your choice of BSV software. BSV can even add tickers above your video screen to take your advertising to the next level.

Creative curves and radical rings
BSV’s curved LED can transform your venue with wraparound curved screens, or even LED rings suspended from the ceiling, to bring your space to life.

Interested in a chat? Give us a call on 1300 244 727 or email to organise a catch up with one of our team.

Big Screen Video

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Not just B.I.N.G.O.

Bingo Australia is an Australian-owned family business that supplies a huge array of diverse products for the hospitality industry. We are a one stop shop, with ‘top notch’ customer service!

We have bingo and raffle software that also includes advertising – as well as many other features – and can be displayed on a big screen at your venue for an unbelievably low price.

We also have state-of-the-art bingo tablets – ‘Play-Mates’ – and can save you thousands of dollars, while also receiving a superior product. We are so confident with our Play-Mates that you will receive a free trial!

Contact us, and we guarantee we can save you money.

Bingo Australia is also fast becoming one of the leading suppliers of paper rolls and TITO tickets to the hospitality industry.

Our product quality is ‘top shelf’ and our pricing is unbeatable!

Bingo Australia has also joined the force to combat COVID-19, with TGA-approved products.

(02) 8004 2121

TITO tickets

Many clubs and pubs are already reaping the savings.

Why not contact us and ask for pricing? You've got nothing to lose and savings to gain!

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Buzz Consultants was formed in 2010 with a vision of bridging the marketing and gaming departments across ‘Member Engagement Strategies’. We have since become the industry leaders of true Member Engagement.

From the early grassroots of Tiered Loyalty programs, with four segments to the evolution of a hyper-personalised member journey, we have always stayed ahead of the curve with a laser focus on the ‘what’s next?’.

Our flagship product BuzzConnect is the most powerful marketing and engagement tool the industry has seen. With an integrated email and SMS platform that reads and writes to our BI analytics tool, it’s no wonder we saw the incredible results in our field trial over two years ago.

Combining data from Gaming, POS and membership sources we are able to create campaigns that are targeted and proven to bring the most valuable customers back into your venue. Delivering rewards straight to the customer’s mobile device means a reward is never left unclaimed in a membership kiosk! Working with single or multi-site venues, there is a BuzzConnect campaign for you.

Whether you want to grow your food and beverage, drive functions or target top gaming members, our clever data analytics ensure that we can create the best campaign for you … it’s easy as 1, 2, 3!

Create it, Send it and Report on it.

  • Create it – We create the campaign based on your customers’ previous activity in venue and ensure the message aligns with your brand
  • Send it – We send the campaign with trackable QR codes
  • Report on it – Using our very own BI tool we are able to see what a customer has spent in venue on the day of redemption across POS and gaming, and as a result we can see the ROI instantly!

But best of all this is what Buzz Does! You don’t have to worry about how to create the campaign, or who to send it to, it’s all part of the BuzzConnect service!

Working with all major POS providers and linking directly with IGT, Aristocrat, Odyssey and Ebet gaming systems Buzz takes all the heavy lifting out of your targeted promotions. From monthly ROI reports to daily dashboards of your key areas within your venue(s), BuzzConnect allows you to take a 360-degree view of all of your business operations.

Want to know more? Visit and click ‘Book A Demo’ or ask about our IGT case study, and find out how BuzzConnect could be taking all the headaches out of your Member Engagement strategies.



The gaming industry is changing – and so are we.

The gaming industry is changing - and so are we. 

From progressive regulation changes to changing customer needs in a post-pandemic world, Casinos, Clubs and Hotels across Australia and NZ are faced with the challenge to do more with less, all while delivering a cutting-edge customer experience.

CPI is dedicated to continuing to serve the gaming industry with best-in-class solutions that help make every customer interaction seamless, safe, and reliable. We work with industry experts to deliver you next generation payment solutions that provide ultimate oversight for better business analytics, and integration across products and solutions for seamless and total accountability.

The future of gaming is here.

Build a better payment portfolio.

Note Acceptance

The SC Advance banknote validator is the industry’s leading and preferred bill acceptor, offering the best first-time acceptance rate, and backed by smart connectivity tools for the ultimate ROI.

Real-Time Device Management

Easitrax Connect allows operators to address problems before they happen, with live insights and device data.

Cashless Payment

With Easitrax Connect, you can integrate Mobile Payment acceptance right at gaming machines, ushering in the next generation of payment acceptance. This is already being used in the USA, and coming to Australia and New Zealand soon.

Want to Experience CPI’s leading payment solutions live? Visit our virtual showroom to learn more.



A great year for members as Hostplus’ Balanced (MySuper) option delivers best-ever annual return.

The 2020-21 financial year concluded 30 June, and it’s safe to say it was one that was quite welcomed.

Many of our members and contributing employers are from the hospitality industry and we know that you have endured a very tough year as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on our community.

As stewards of our members’ retirement savings, we are very pleased to have been able to deliver a terrific outcome for you this year.

Hostplus finished the 2020-21 year having delivered its best-ever single year performance across a range of investment options, including all three of our popular Balanced options.

We hope it’s a fitting way to thank you for your continued support and confidence in us. We remain steadfastly focused on protecting and growing your hard-earned retirement savings.

End of financial year performance

The Balanced (MySuper) option, in which the majority of our members invest, delivered an outstanding net return of 21.32%, the option’s best annual result in our 32-year history.[1] Both Indexed Balanced (18.88%) and SRI Balanced (21.82%) also delivered best-ever results for members in those options.[2]

When  looking at all Hostplus investment options, nine out of ten of our 1.26 million members received a return that was the highest ever in a single financial year for their given option.

And while past performance is not a guarantee of future outcomes, you can rest assured that our track record of being one of the country’s most consistent top-performing funds over longer-term periods up to 20 years[4], as rated by Australia’s leading and independent superannuation researchers, is something we at Hostplus are immensely proud of and will continue to strive for.

As we commence this new financial year, Hostplus enters an exciting period of growth and development as we work towards our fund’s merger with Intrust Super and expected merger with Statewide Super. At the same time, an increasing number of Australians and employers choose Hostplus as their lifetime super fund of choice, allowing us to provide our members with the greater scale benefits that this brings.

We are excited about the future and look forward to continuing to deliver our members the best possible long-term retirement outcomes, just as we have been doing for the past 32 years.

Host-Plus Pty Limited ABN 79 008 634 704, AFSL 244392 as trustee for the Hostplus Superannuation Fund (the Fund) ABN 68 657 495 890, MySuper No 68 657 495 890 198. This information is general advice only and does not take into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. You should consider if this information is appropriate for you in light of your circumstances before acting on it. Please read the relevant Hostplus Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), available at before making a decision about Hostplus. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance and should never be the sole factor considered when selecting a superannuation fund.

[1] SuperRatings Accumulation Fund Crediting Rate Survey – SR50 Balanced (60-76) Index, 30 June 2021.

[2] SuperRatings Accumulation Fund Crediting Rate Survey – Balanced (60-76), 30 June 2021.

[3] SuperRatings Pension Fund Crediting Rate Survey – SR50 Balanced (60-76) Index, 30 June 2021.

 [4] SuperRatings Accumulation Fund Crediting Rate Survey – SR50 Balanced (60-76) Index, 30 June 2021.



Hunter Technologies has been involved with the AGE for over a decade now, and every year we have been there to push our flagship product, which is now used in thousands of venues around Australia, the UK, Finland and New Zealand.

CellarControl is based on a proven scientific solution to ensure top quality draught beer while reducing expenditure and waste. Hunter Technologies has always had other products, but during the last few years we have been sourcing innovative technologies backed by science and were looking forward to introducing these technologies to attendees.

They include improving food storage, swimming pool treatment, and helping the fight against COVID.

  • CellarControl

For those who don’t yet know about it, CellarControl is a simple addition to your current beer system that enables you to reduce the frequency of line cleans required. This system will ensure you have top quality draught beer, while reducing the costs of cleaning the lines up to 80 per cent. We offer free installation and a six-month money back guarantee. The system has been in the market since 2007 and we can provide client references with some of the top pub and club groups utilising the technology.

  • Hydroxyl Treatment Technology

COVID has become part of our lives in every way, so it makes sense Hunter has sourced some scientifically proven technology to help you ensure your venue is safer for your staff and patrons. It is

a system that eliminates odours and mould in the air, proven to kill 99.9 per cent of bacteria and viruses, with both air and surface contamination. The FDA-approved technology can be installed in your HVAC, or there are portable and wall-mountable systems available. The system is safe for your patrons and can be run 24 hours a day. using natural sanitation methods to deactivate airborne viruses.

These systems can be installed in gaming areas, bars or in accommodation.

  • FilterControl

This is the same technology as the CellarControl – but for your swimming pool. It reduces chemical use, lessens backwashing and gives softer water while reducing bacteria contamination. It is offered on a three-month money back guarantee.

  • Ecoroq

Absorption filters for food storage cool rooms, display fridges and under-counter fridges. They will reduce power consumption while ensuring fresher food, eliminating odours and reducing ice build-up – all of which reduces cleaning frequency required and provides a safer working environment.

As disappointing as it has been to not be at the AGE, we at Hunter Technologies are happy to organise zoom meetings, or send more information for any venue that wants to look at any of the above products.

Hunter Technologies

P: 1300 6 WEEKS (693 357)




Multi Audio solution delivers Excellent Outcome for Wyong Leagues

Sport fans love nothing more than to watch their favourite sport on the big screen and to be immersed in sound and atmosphere. However, often Sports Bars located in open plan pubs and clubs grapple with delivering quality audio in conjunction with their big screens without having to sacrifice layout, section off rooms or use glass petitioning.

Our Jbn Sound Ceiling system provides a unique solution to this problem. Not only does it allow customers to view and listen to multiple sports simultaneously without interference – within the same area – it exceeds expectations and delivers an audio-visual experience that draws people out from their homes and to the venue. This is great news for venue owners, with our research suggesting that providing multi-audio sources to match visual content is key to retaining patrons and increasing revenue through bar takings and gaming areas.

Wyong Rugby Leagues Club heard about the capabilities of the Jbn technology, and have recently reopened their new and improved Sports Bar. The club was looking to invest in a long-term, sustainable audio solution for their large Sports Bar with a goal of providing two offerings of audio broadcast within the one

area, and both to operate in conjunction with the two large LED video walls and other TV screens throughout the room.

Jbn was recommended by EJE Architects, who did the new design and are familiar with the Jbn product. Jbn was called in late for a solution, and worked with the builders (Collabrative Construction Solutions) to produce the size and solution to suit the Wyong Leagues Club requirements – installing two audio zones, totalling over 32 square metres, using our Sound Ceiling modules.

We also installed TOA Pendant speakers, for another three audio zones, with lower levels of audio.

The Jbn systems provide audio with a level of directivity not possible through conventional speaker systems – while having the ability to convert to nightclub sound levels if and when required. Wyong Leagues Club has been utilising this most Friday and Saturday nights, offering patrons the best of both worlds by simply changing the sound to suit the crowd!

Jbn Sound Solutions

Bryan Said – Director

+61 409 931 704



Our Beginning …

Our bakery was established in Australia in 1992, and in 2004 the Gilvarry family launched Letizza Pizza Bases.

The range has continued to grow and develop, now offering a host of products to both the retail and commercial foodservice markets throughout Australia, New Zealand and south-east Asia.

Our Promise

Each and every Letizza pizza base, dough ball and piadina flatbread is hand stretched, ensuring each has its own unique shape and real, homemade appearance.
Being pre-baked, our pizza bases retain an excellent baking tolerance, providing the perfect results – every time – within minutes, in any oven.

Our Difference

Letizza’s Qualities;

  • Hand crafted par-baked Pizza Bases
  • Authentic Italian recipe
  • 100% Australian family-owned business
  • Convenient
  • Quick and easy
  • Versatile
  • Large range of sizing
  • Cost-effective
  • 100% Australian made
  • Unique products – not just pizza bases

At Letizza we are known for our consistent, hand stretched, par-

baked, high-quality pizza bases; we have been working with kitchens and chefs for over 17 years.

Our Ranges

Classic and Thin Pizza bases, Cauliflower pizza bases, Gluten-free pizza bases, Rectangle pizza bases, Wholemeal pizza base range, and our EXCITING new MARGHERITA range, which comes with sauce and cheese, as well as our new GARLIC PADDLE RANGE.


Unfortunately, we can’t all be together this at the Australasian Gaming Expo for 2021, but be sure to check out our website to find out the latest in the pizza game from Letizza pizza bases, for some delicious inspiration.


National Sales Team

1800 107 520





MJ Playgrounds is Australia’s number one indoor play equipment manufacturer, providing a number of services and indoor play equipment to the Indoor Soft Contained Play Industry throughout Australia and internationally.

Many of our playgrounds are designed and manufactured in Australia through our facilities in Cromer, NSW and Coolum Beach, Queensland. Six of our range is wholly manufactured in Australia and carry the Australian Made logo with various components sourced from seven overseas countries. Our equipment is designed to provide children with the best possible play experiences whilst meeting or exceeding all relevant Australian Standards.

We also provide indoor playground design services for indoor play structures as well as complete layouts of family entertainment centres. You will be in direct contact with the designer, which assures you get exactly what you are looking for with no time wasted.

We have a diverse range of equipment including:

Podplay Modular Range: designed to aid a child’s development.

Traditional Play Structures: make playgrounds POP with WOW factor, adding theming to traditional play systems.

Airplay: a build on site system that allows for ease of access and flexibility with design.

Soft Play Toddler Zone: designed for toddlers aged 0-3.

Bumper Cars: includes go karts for adults, big cars, bumper boats, bumper cars, baby animal rides, mini battery cars and bikes, tracks and pools, decorations and settings.

Virtual Reality Equipment: includes simulations, shooting games, interactive games, music games and more.

Climbing Walls: fun, interactive and promote active play. 

Interactive Projection Games: highly interactive, entertaining and engaging.

Mobile Play Centres: ideal for children to enhance gross motor skills and challenge themselves.

Sensory Playgrounds: equipment and activities to enhance motor skills or calm the surroundings and senses. 

Ninja Warrior Course: a race through a maze of walls, obstacles and trampoline.

Adventure Parks: designed with a combination of ropes courses, climbing equipment, and volcano climbs.

Contact us today to see how we can create your indoor playground.

MJ Playgrounds

07 5324 2670



Become the go-to family local

Grow your business with a unique, high-quality play space that’s fully customised to suit your pub or club. With a RhinoPlay playground you can attract more families to your venue and keep them for longer with a custom-built playground that’s got instant street appeal.

When you choose RhinoPlay, you don’t just choose a playground out of a brochure. Our designers work closely with you to explore different concepts, creating a unique play space that’s fully customised to suit your site and requirements. You can pick your play elements, layout, artwork, colours – even match your playground to your decor or brand.

Our design experts work with you to create a one-of-a-kind, cost-effective space that’s customised to suit your venue. Our equipment is fully certified, undergoing strict compliance tests and meeting the highest possible standards.

Backed by a long warranty, our playgrounds are durable, easy to clean and low maintenance, adding value for years to come. We

design, build, certify and maintain your space, delivering fast, reliable service and ongoing support.

Choose from different materials including durable plastics, netting or soft play designs. Add your logo, bespoke graphics or branded elements, LED rail lights or translucent tubes, touch screens or interactive projection play. Upgrade panels when you refurbish, achieving a whole new look for a fraction of the cost of a new playground.

We construct, install and certify your play space within just 12 weeks, and do annual compliance inspections.


Ph: 02 9517 3587 |



SICO – your one stop banqueting, function and events furniture supplier

After 30+ years of exhibiting at the AGE it has certainly been a hard couple of years to not be out in front of our customers.

It’s been 35 years since SICO South Pacific began servicing clubs and pubs from our NSW Central Coast factory and head office. Regarded for our superior function and events furniture and

equipment, including portable staging, dance floors, F&B displays, banquet tables and chairs, the SICO team has long been the go-to supplier of solutions that stand the test of time.

This year, SICO as a business is celebrating 70 years of global manufacturing of furniture and equipment for the hospitality industry. In 1965 we invented the portable dance floor, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Today, SICO has plants in Australia, USA, Europe and Asia and is a world leader in innovative furniture that reduces set-up, change-over and take-down times.

Our expert regional managers are on hand to provide reliable and trusted advice. Contact us today for your quote.

SICO South Pacific

1300 117 378

27/222 Wisemans Ferry Road, Somersby NSW 2251






Ask for your FREE compliance signage audit – NO CHARGE!


    Robert Simmonds - SALES MANAGER      

    M: 0477 014 222


    Unique Signage Solutions can have a representative visit your site for an audit to update all compliance requirements and replace all OLGR signage, brochures, stickers and cards.


    02 4002 4333       

    3/301 Hillsborough Road Warners Bay NSW 2282

    Unique Signage 



    Utopia delivers exciting new products for NSW and Queensland

    Installed in over 1,000 venues throughout Australia, Utopia’s Global Gaming System is the preferred choice for small to medium venues. Extensive investment has brought much-anticipated new products, after consultation with venue managers and end users, to help deliver a complete solution for gaming floor management.

    NSW – UTOPIA LOYALTY: Recently approved by L&G, Utopia Loyalty was specifically designed for small to medium venues, providing the functionality of more complex systems at a fraction of the cost.

    “Launching the new Utopia Loyalty is another significant milestone for Utopia Gaming Systems in meeting the needs of our venues,” says Alan Townsend, Utopia GM. “Utopia Loyalty is simple to navigate and doesn’t require a team of people to operate. It has been designed to increase venue visitation and reward your loyal customers.”

    Utopia Loyalty brings together powerful analytic, marketing and promotional tools. Our mobile app allows customers to track their loyalty activity, while the system utilises push notifications for direct customer engagement. It integrates seamlessly with all POS systems and customers can accrue points from gaming, f&b and retail purchases.

    With industry leading database analytics and real-time data, Utopia Loyalty allows you to monitor customers and make informed decisions about marketing and promotions, engaging your customers and rewarding increased visitation.

    Customise rewards for your most loyal customers through our player tiering. Use our recommendations or set 

    Utopia Loyalty operates seamlessly across individual venues or groups, allowing players to accrue and spend points across all of your locations.

    QLD’S NEWEST LMO: Utopia recently launched its monitoring and gaming system in Queensland, with the latest network technology, making it the first LMO to be approved in over 20 years.

    “Utopia is a technology company. While our competitors continue

    to rely on legacy systems, we have built a modern gaming platform that is reliable, flexible and ensures venues are ready for a digital future,” said Townsend. “Our gaming system has gone through an extensive approval process with the QOLGR and we are now ready to roll out across Queensland.”

    The Global system also offers cashless solutions including TITO and MIMO. Global MIMO (Money In Money Out) was launched in 2020 and offers non-member card transfer of credits. Delivering the benefits of TITO, it is a cost-effective alternative for venues without TITO infrastructure – at a significant cost saving, eliminating the need for ticket printers in every machine. It can be used alongside a TITO system.

    Utopia also offers TITO in NSW as part of its Global System. This ticket-based cashless system allows patrons to move their credits easily between machines, and allows for quick and easy payouts via cash redemption terminals or automated cashiers.

    Support when you need it most

    Utopia Gaming Systems is an Australian-owned and operated company supported by a 24/7 Help Desk and team of skilled field technicians.

    Utopia Gaming Systems

    1800 200 201



    h.i.Apps has been building customised loyalty apps for the hotel and club industry since 2012. Over this period technology has evolved at astonishing rates, and with it so has the h.i.Apps system. At this year's AGE Expo we were excited to showcase our latest technical integrations, but due to COVID this wasn’t possible.

    REAL-TIME MEMBERSHIP LOYALTY & MARKETING SOLUTIONS: h.i.Apps has identified that the majority of venues struggle with building and maintaining an intuitive Membership program, due to their internal systems not working together or the data becomes outdated and worthless. For this reason, we have been working closely with leading gaming, POS and loyalty solution companies to integrate their products and services into the h.i.Apps technical ecosystem. Using live connection points and data, our Digital Membership Solution now integrates with your internal systems to maintain and build membership, while keeping all systems in sync.

    The App’s Digital Membership Card provides your members with live and up-to-date information: membership number, live point balance, photo iD, financial status, tier level, QR code for POS membership benefits.

    Having live data is only as good as what you do with it. With this in mind h.i.Apps developed a system that monitors and tracks live data. The built-in Rules Engine REACT allows you to automate marketing to suit your business needs. Personalised communication via App Push notification: automated rewards, member profiling, birthday rewards, automated reminders, targeted campaigns.

    These features provide a platform that unlocks future development opportunities for venues, bringing opportunity to modernise marketing to the fullest extent.


    Brian Duffy | 0421 034 320