DM Plumbing

Modern features incorporated into the Plough & Ale’s design required a corresponding level of trade expertise. Based in Wollongong, DM Plumbing has history in some iconic hospitality venues in Sydney and the south. Introduced by the hydraulic designers, this was their first job with the Laundy-FDC collaboration.

“They’ve got the bones of venues down pat,” remarked DM’s Troy Williams.

At the Calderwood greenfield they were called upon to supply and install many key features essential to the pub’s operation. Onsite from the beginning, they controlled installation of conduits for beer and post mix lines, a massive rainwater tank to collect roof water, which is recycled for toilet flushing and irrigation, the hot and

recycled water systems, and a pollutant trap to protect the local environment.

“Stormwater treatment has become a pretty big thing, so we put an Ocean Protect system in there, which treats stormwater before it’s released into waterways.”

In terms of what you can see, DM fitted special-order powder-coated drains, positioned to catch directional rain where the outdoor area flows inside, and furnished the amenities, which include attractive designer basins with brass taps that are up to the modern consumer’s expectations.

“Hand-washing is all touch-free,” says Williams. “It probably didn’t come about due to COVID, but that has influenced choices.”