FDC Construction

Peter Stait is senior project manager, construction for FDC in New South Wales. He was involved in the early stages before handing over to the build team, and spoke with PubTIC on some of the advancements that have come from the collaboration.

“It’s almost like trying to put an algorithm to it, and get a flexible format that can be adjusted so that we can move quicker when it comes to buying and developing sites,” he says.  

“That gives us a level of certainty that no-one else has, certainly in the hospitality industry at the moment. But to be honest, it’s leading the way for a lot of other industries, in terms of their development.”

FDC’s Michael Badaoui was project manger on the Marsden, now again on the Plough & Ale, and on the pending Jordan Springs project. He has become an integral part of the well-oiled machine.

Stait suggests the Laundy-FDC partnership has blossomed both because everyone has skin in the game, and because both parties have the same very high standards, on complementary sides of developing and owning pub assets.

“So it’s a good match,” offers Stait. “And the Plough’s been going gangbusters since it opened.  

“We’ve been able to fine-tune the process and IP, and getting approvals, and designing and building these pubs, so it’s a win-win for everyone.”

FDC was founded by managing director Ben Cottle nearly thirty years ago. The family-run company has expanded to boast a vast portfolio filled with projects in education, industry, technology, finance, hospitality and more, both external and major works, and interior fit-outs.

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