Now you can Make Cash Donations at the ATM

Australia’s leading independent ATM deployer, Banktech, has begun converting many of its 2,500 CashConnect ATM Plus devices with technology that will allow people who prefer to use cash to easily donate to charities.

With the addition of a bank note acceptor and Banktech’s locally developed technology, the ATM Plus can now accept cash donations for partnering charities.

The donation transaction is quick and easy and no card is required. Simply touch the screen and select Donations. Choose your preferred charity then insert your cash (notes only). You can enter your phone number for an electronic receipt or wait for a paper receipt/tax invoice. All done.

Blacktown Workers Club, in western Sydney, was one of the first venues to sign up for a CashConnect ATMPlus upgrade.

“The ATM Plus terminal is great because it is easy to use, supports a range of charities and provides a tax invoice to the donor,” said Morgan Stewart, CEO of Blacktown Workers Club. “We can see this new feature being widely embraced by our members.”

This new functionality has been welcomed by the charities.

“The charities have done such great work during the pandemic,

L-R: Birgitte Maibom, CEO Learning Links; David Collinson, NSW Public Relations Secretary Salvation Army; Christine Roberts, Manager Revenue & Partnership Youth Off the Streets; Morgan Stewart, CEO Blacktown Workers Club; Henry Kiwarkis, General Manager Banktech

but with less people handling cash, donations have suffered, so we really wanted to do something to help them,” said Henry Kiwarkis, Banktech’s general manager, sales.

The first charities to join are Learning Links, Ronald McDonald House Charities, St Vincent de Paul, The Salvation Army, and Youth Off the Streets.

“This is an innovative and easy way for people to support their favourite charity, and Youth Off the Streets is delighted to be a founding charity partner for ATM Plus,” said CEO Ms Lex Nadine Lutherborrow.

Further innovations being rolled out across the CashConnect ATM Plus fleet include the ability for people to top up digital wallets with cash. This world-first technology has also been built by Banktech’s local team of developers who are leading the way in delivering new functionalities on an ATM.

“Everyone at Banktech is very excited about the role they’re playing in delivering the next generation of ATMs,” said Henry Kiwarkis. “The CashConnect ATM Plus is pioneering the bridge between cash and digital payments.”

Banktech also has an enviable reputation in delivering a wide range of quality cash management products found in most venues. These include the DepositConnect cash recycler, AutoPay cashier safe and QuickPay CRTs. 

All these devices, including the CashConnect ATM Plus are fitted with Level 1, 24-hour-rated safe and are backed by Banktech’s 24/7 support. Quality devices and Banktech-employed field technicians ensures reliability and quick response time when needed.

Importantly, all devices can be monitored by the Omni VISION online monitoring portal allowing venue managers to see their cash levels in real-time, allow access to others in emergencies and track the activity on the devices. This can be done easily from a desktop or smart phone.

Venues looking to upgrade their ATM or would like more information about the Banktech range of devices should contact the Banktech team on 1800 08 09 10 or click here.



Australian businesses spend $56 billion every year on unnecessary administration tasks, and the average business spends 81 working days on administration each year*. For a business owner, that’s a huge amount of time and money on something that isn’t their core business.

After the challenges of 2020, our clients advise that it’s even more important to spend less time on administration and more time rebuilding their core business. So Intrust Super has been providing free Business Super Health Checks to help businesses streamline their administration.

With a Business Super Health Check, Intrust Super can help your business prepare systems for upcoming legislative change, identify Super pain points, simplify onboarding and review payroll procedures. A brief, 15-minute discussion with the Intrust Super team could result in hours of weekly savings in your admin and payroll processes.

This year, some legislative changes are due to roll out that could alter the way business pay and administer super. Many businesses will need support to implement these changes.

On 1 July 2021, the Super Guarantee rate is scheduled to increase by 0.5 per cent to 10 per cent. It’s then due to increase by 0.5 per cent each financial year thereafter until it reaches 12 per cent in July 2025.

The increase is currently legislated, however delaying or changing the current schedule is still a possibility – and it’s happened a few times previously. However, any announcements to change or delay the increase probably won’t be announced until the Federal Budget is released in May.

If your payroll system doesn’t automatically update in line with the new rules, managing the increased SG rate could be a time-consuming and costly process.



In addition, some reforms to default Super, originally announced in the 2020 Federal Budget, could take effect in the next financial year. The new rules could see Super admin significantly altered come 1 July 2021.

You may have seen that the Government intends to ‘staple’ Super fund accounts to individual members to avoid the creation of multiple accounts when members move jobs. After this date, any new staff will automatically bring their Super fund with them. Default Super funds will only be used for new staff who haven’t previously been paid Super.

Currently, this reform is just a proposal, and awaits passage through Parliament before becoming law. If it does take effect, Intrust Super’s free Business Super Health Check will be an easy way to make sure your payroll system is prepared for the changes.

If you’d like to arrange a Business Super Health Check to help your business save money and prepare for legislative change, please get in touch with Intrust Super. Just email service@intrust.com.au to find out more.

*Source: Small Business Digital Taskforce, Report to Government 2018

The information contained in this document and the services referred to are of a general nature only and do not take into account your individual financial situation, objectives and needs. You should consider the appropriateness of the general information having regard to your own situation before making any investment decision. For personal advice, please contact the Intrust360° financial advice team on 1300 001 360. A Product Disclosure Statement is available at www.intrust.com.au or call us on 132 467 for a copy.

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Hunter Technologies was looking forward to not only bringing back their CellarControl technology to Brisbane this year, it was going to be the first trade show for them to showcase their OHAir technology to the pub and club industry in a trade show setting.

Established in 2007, Hunter Technologies offers a range of innovative, environmentally-friendly products that improve health and safety, reduce wastage and increase profits across a variety of industries. Our notable products include OHAir – an airborne and surface treatment solution that quickly targets viruses and bacteria, including COVID-19 – as well as CellarControl, a beer line cleaning system used by Australia's leading pubs and clubs.

The OHAir airborne and surface viral treatment system is a 24/7 solution that treats airborne and surface contaminants, including viruses (COVID-19) and bacteria, in occupied spaces, such as lobbies, child care centres, hotel rooms, aged care centres, or any indoor space.

Available as a wall/roof-mounted system, with HVAC mounted and portable systems also available, OHAir uses FDA-approved technology to emit hydroxyls into indoor spaces – which quickly react with and destroy airborne viral threats. The unique feature of OHAir is its ability to treat airborne viruses as well as other contaminants, while operating safely and continuously in occupied areas, which no other treatment system can provide. OHAir is an essential link in any COVID-safe strategy.

Installed in the cool room, CellarControl is an addition to any beer system, and connected to the drop lead at every keg. The system prevents harmful build-up within the beer lines, maintaining (or in many cases improving) beer quality and allowing you to clean your beer lines every six to eight weeks.

How does it work?


  • Uses scientifically proven, low frequency sweeping sound technology to combat and prevent line growth
  • Treats the entire beer system
  • Once installed, you clean your lines the same way as before – only less often

The system is rented on a monthly basis and has no upfront costs or install fees.

Why should you look at CellarControl?

  • The system has been in operation since 2007, with venues that have been using the system since day one – that’s well over a decade
  • We regularly conduct bacterial testing with Government approved laboratories, with all our tests showing lower bacteria levels when using CellarControl compared to weekly cleaning – meaning better beer quality, with less cleaning
  • You may be cleaning less, but the CellarControl is working 24 hours a day ensuring the beer lines are kept in the best possible condition
  • Over 1000 systems now installed in some of the best bars, pubs and clubs all over Australia – big and small
  • You still clean your lines the same way, just less often. No changes to your cool room are required and in most venues the system will be installed within 3 hours before service
  • Less handling of chemicals – great for OH&S
  • You are not locked into any long-term contracts
  • You will save time, money, beer, chemicals and water by up to 80%

Six-month money back trial – nothing to lose by giving it a try.



The gaming industry is changing, and so are we.

Build a better payment portfolio.

From progressive regulation changes to changing customer needs in a post-pandemic world, venues are faced with the challenge to do more with less, all while delivering a cutting-edge customer experience.

CPI is dedicated to continuing to serve the gaming industry with best-in-class solutions that help make every customer interaction seamless, safe, and reliable. We work with industry experts to deliver you next generation payment solutions that provide ultimate oversight for better business analytics, and integration across products and solutions for seamless and total accountability.

The future of gaming is here. Join us.

Note Acceptance

The SC Advance banknote validator is the industry’s leading and preferred bill acceptor, offering the best first-time acceptance rate, and backed by smart connectivity tools for the ultimate ROI.

Real-Time Device Management

Easitrax Connect allows operators to address problems before they happen, with live insights and device data.

Cashless Payment

With Easitrax Connect, you can integrate Mobile Payment acceptance right at the slot machine, ushering in the next generation of payment acceptance.

Want to Experience CPI’s Leading Payment Solutions Live?



Here at BSV, we would argue that there is no more versatile way to bring your space to life than with LED. Given its flexibility, there are so many options when it comes to LED. Not only does the end result look fantastic, but it provides the ultimate entertainment for your hospitality patrons.

Traditional video screens and multiple split-screen video walls make an incredible impact, as shown in the examples below. In a time where we are all seeking a greater human connection, LED can work to create unforgettable memories and moments – in more ways than you may have thought!

The Mingara Recreation Club on NSW’s Central Coast is paving the way for hospitality venues across the country with their cutting-edge vision for technology and is the perfect example of the multitude of ways that LED can bring your space to life. BSV has recently completed an LED upgrade at the Tumbi Umbi venue, which sees the addition of indoor foyer signage, outdoor signage, and a live sports ticker to the entrance of their gaming room. Thinking beyond traditional video screens, Mingara Recreation Club has proven LED has endless capabilities for those who choose to imagine it. Upon entering the gaming area via their

escalators, Mingara patrons are surrounded by live sports scoring technology; providing not only a useful tool (no need to check the phone!) but an atmosphere enhancing element to their interior.

BSV Sports Tickers use live scoring technology to provide additional, real time entertainment for those at your venue. Mingara has chosen to use their ticker to add another layer of intrigue to their gaming area. Atmospheric, all senses engaged experiences akin to those in American sports bars are sought after more and more in a changing Australian market. The digital ticker is a great way to tap into this and can be utilised anywhere in your venue, particularly a sports bar.

With both roadside LED signage and indoor foyer signage, Mingara understands how to maximise ROI in their venue. This intelligent combination allows the club to use their signage in conjunction with one another as well as separately.

We have seen the success of indoor signage across multiple venues around Australia. Maximising advertising opportunities while also doubling as an impressive canvas for content is a win-win for any business. Unlike traditional forms of marketing, digital signage is an investment that you can see a real, measurable return on.

Want to get in touch with a member of the team to discuss bringing your space to life?

Call 1300 244 727, or email your relevant state sales manager (below).

NSW & ACT: Ryan Biancardi, ryan@bigscreenvideo.com.au

QLD: Andrew Lee, andrew@bigscreenvideo.com.au

SA, NT & WA: Tracy Adam, tadams@bigscreenvideo.com.au

VIC & TAS: Craig Thomson, craig@bigscreenvideo.com.au



Rhinoplay is an Australian-owned and made playground company that specialises in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of unique playgrounds in Australia.

We transform businesses by creating and delivering innovative and safe playground structures that children and families LOVE.

From digital screens to compact wall units to full-scale structures, Rhinoplay can tailor a play solution for any budget.

Sales Impact

Competition for new business is increasing as pubs and clubs try to find unique ways to attract new patrons and create a returning customer base.

We all know the days of your local watering hole being a bloke’s club are long gone. You are fully aware you want the punters, but you need to cater to the punter’s kids too.

The pubs and clubs that welcome families with a play area are the ones that bring the parents back again and again. The kids can have fun before and after their meal and it gives the adults a chance to talk, eat and drink while kicking back.

Rhinoplay is made up of a dedicated team of design professionals who love creating interesting and innovative play spaces. With our help we can provide a play solution for venues of all shapes and sizes.

Point of Difference

In the play industry the temptation to provide for the customer, and almost ignore the needs of the end user, children, is a constant. Attracting children to a play structure is one thing. Delivering a fun yet safe experience is totally different.

Rhinoplay has had to demonstrate industry best practice year in, year out. All of our clients, whether they be large or small, benefit from the results of this rigorous scrutiny.


The amount of misinformation in the play industry is quite astounding, given the seriousness of the implications. It is all too easy to say a play structure is safe, but what lies beyond these words? Our design team includes members with over 20 years of playground design experience, international playground designers dedicated to creating safe and fun playgrounds. We test our products in Australia to Australian Standards and we can supply the test results. We certify everything we do, and our clients appreciate the peace of mind this creates.


Rhinoplay selects the best materials and products for the job. Our products will stand the test of time and kids. Rhinoplay provides an industry leading, fully transparent warranty and we stick by it.


Ph. (02) 9517 3587

Email: info@rhinoplay.com.au

Unit 17, 32 Ralph St Alexandria, NSW 2015







Ask for your FREE compliance signage audit – NO CHARGE!


    Robert Simmonds - SALES MANAGER      

    M: 0477 014 222


    Unique Signage Solutions can have a representative visit your site for an audit to update all compliance requirements and replace all OLGR signage, brochures, stickers and cards.



    02 4002 4333       

    3/301 Hillsborough Road Warners Bay NSW 2282

    Unique Signage




    With over 28 years of experience, CTA Training Specialists (CTA) is a recognised, leading Registered Training Oraganisation (RTO) in hospitality and business training solutions. We deliver a range of online and face-to-face courses, designed with industry trends and knowledge at the forefront. Many of our team contribute and work within venues across Queensland in their own time to ensure they are giving you the very best and relevant training on offer.

    We can deliver training at our Northgate head office or within your venue, as well offering the flexibility of online courses and blended learning. We work directly with schools and venues to provide an array of traineeship and apprenticeship opportunities for students.

    Combined with our experienced consulting arm, DWS Hospitality Specialists, we can deliver quality career and organisational training and consulting services to the tourism, leisure and hospitality sector.

    Some of our most popular industry courses include:

    Responsible Management of Licensed Venues (RMLV)

    RMLV training is a mandatory legislative requirement for all licensees, nominees, and manager’s license applicants in Queensland. CTA offers RMLV in a convenient one-day face-to-face or video conference environment, with a special focus on management strategies, licence requirements, and responsibly-minded business operation.

    Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA)

    CTA’s nationally recognised RSA certification provides industry professionals with the skills and knowledge necessary to serve alcohol in a hospitality venue, as in alignment with state legislation. At the end of our certification, workers will have confidence to not only meet state laws, but also interact effectively with customers and promote appropriate drinking habits.

    Responsible Gambling Services (RSG)

    In our national recognised RSG course, hospitality workers will be ready and prepared to facilitate an array of responsible gambling services. These hospitality professionals will also be given an in-depth and thorough understanding of gambling limits, with the ability to help support customers in maintaining appropriate gambling levels.

    Gaming Nominee

    CTA’s Gaming Nominee course expands on Queensland’s legislative gaming requirements for managerial employees in gaming venues. Through this course, managers will become attuned to their state’s latest gaming legislation, with the ability to monitor gambling behaviour, interact successfully with the community, meet nominee obligations, and support customers’ gambling limits.

    Food Safety & Handling 

    Effective food safety and handling has never been more important in the hospitality sector. CTA’s certifications provide students with a strong understanding of food safety procedures and policies.

    In addition, certified professionals will become adept at identifying and reporting hazards in food safety and handling, allowing workers to take efficient corrective actions to control hazards in the workplace.

    Hospitality Qualifications

    CTA offers a vast selection of accredited hospitality qualifications, including Certificates II, III, and IV in Hospitality, Certificate II in Kitchen Operations, and Certificate III in Commercial Cookery. Across all these courses, students are provided with hands-on culinary experience and a rich understanding of working practices. This is supported by tailored guidance from highly qualified training professionals with a passion for hospitality and teaching. By the end of the course, students will be fully prepared to enter an expansive range of hospitality organisations as chefs, cooks, catering assistants, managers, and more. 

    With a training solution to meet any individual, CTA are champions of professional development and quality training outcomes. We are determined to continuously support and build the skills of Australia’s future hospitality leaders and professionals.

    Our same-day delivery for online certifications guarantees fast qualification for busy operations.

    Visit us at CTA TRAINING for further information, or to discuss your training needs please contact CTA Training Specialists general manager Aaron Bray on 0447 464 333 or aaron@ctatraining.com.au



    The iconic Hotel Ravesis at Bondi Beach is celebrating its 30th birthday this year, however the recent construction of residential apartments just 22 metres from the hotel’s perimeter had Ravesis general manager and licensee Alex Spork concerned that celebrations may need to be put on hold.

    Despite the hotel’s well-established presence in Bondi and long-standing weekend DJ sets, when noise complaints from the new apartment building came in there was real concern of how it might affect the hotel’s trade.

    With no choice but to comply with the NSW liquor licensing laws, Mr Spork sought the advice of Day Design Acoustic Engineers, who recommended installing the JBN Sound Ceiling.

    The JBN Sound Ceiling’s unique ability to offer unrivalled directional sound control meant that music emanating from the venue could be contained to the dance floor, without jeopardising the sound quality and completely solving their noise complaint issue.

    JBN Sound Solutions

    Bryan Said – director

    Ph: 0409 931 704


    L-R: Craig Winstanley, Carina Finneran, Brian Roylance, Bryan Said



    The moderation trend has been on the rise for some time now, however more than ever, drinkers are looking for exciting, flavourful and new liquids to satisfy them, whilst still allowing them the moderation they’re looking for.

    In response to this demand, our recently released lower-alc East Point has been brewed to be lightly soured with a zesty tang, making it a bold new player in the no/lower-alc market.

    In a scene long dominated by light macro-lager brands, East Point draws on the popular aspects of craft brews in order to shake up expectations of what a lower alc beer can deliver. Slightly hazy and lightly hopped, we’ve brewed a drink with a complex flavour profile but still highly sessionable at 2.7 per cent ABV.

    Inspired by the rolling waves and rugged cliffs of Cape Byron, East Point was created for the drinker who’s invested in an active lifestyle, but still wants to be part of the action when mates get together. Perfect for those who’ve been on the scout for something lower in booze that still quenches a thirst – East Point is a refreshing beer that says ‘early start tomorrow’ to line the fridge doors with.

    As a lower-alc beer, East Point caters to the expanding health-conscious consumer market. Recent data from the IWSR (International Wines and Spirits Record) has shown the increasing consumer interest in ‘better-for-you’ products has catalysed the development of no- and low-alcohol beverages.

    Put simply, East Point caters for the drinker who is conscious of their busy day tomorrow but wants to enjoy what they’re drinking today.

    East Point is now available in four-packs of 375ml cans or cartons of 16 cans.

    Please call (02) 6685 5173 to place an order.