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If wish I had a dollar (in fact, I'd settle for less) for every time I’ve heard talk or plans, or future aspirations, of being a pub that enjoys a strong trade from families, with kids. Once unheard of, and not to be seen, children have come to find a place at the watering hole.

Something made clear to many during the calamitous past year and a half was the inherent value we place and the need we feel for social contact, particularly with loved ones. The prevention of travel and the shuttering of public places has often made it harder or even impossible to socialise with people we care about.

Perhaps it is convenient then that as communities emerge from the pandemic bunkers and are allowed to reinhabit venues, an increasing number of these venues are eager to embrace all members of the blanketed households. Catering to kids may bring the adults, but ultimately its about catering to the adults needing somewhere to take the kids.



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