The status quo for pubs and all licensed venues for the near future will likely include some changes – potentially improvements – in both operations and the companies an operator calls on to get the job done.

While the Federal Govern is mandating details be collected for the purposes of contact tracing should infections arise, there are operational considerations that may make the difference between customers visiting and returning versus shying away or coming only once.

Enhancing measures to help ensure hygiene and safety for everyone, come those things that help the public feel they are in good hands.


GuestHQ is a contact tracing resource endorsed by the powerful Restaurant & Catering Association (RCA). 

It is a simple way to register guests arriving at the venue, collecting a person’s name, email address and phone number before allowing them to ‘Check In’.

Details are stored securely and automatically deleted after 28 days, as per the government guidelines.

“It’s more important than ever for the pub owners and customers to feel safe when they come back, and it’s going to be crucial they have a clear COVIDsafe plan in place,” offers foodservice consultant Tawnya Bahr, who has begun

recommending GuestHQ to her clients.

“It’s another resource to help get our diners and drinkers back in the pubs.”

The Guest HQ system provides the first 6,000 check-ins free of charge to the venue, and a monthly subscription of $14.99 beyond that, or $6.99 for RCA members.

Visitsafe by ImpactData

Impact Data has produced a contact tracing system, called, which provides customers a QR code or unique web address that collects their required information via their own device, meaning zero physical contact. 

It also offers customers the option of receiving marketing material from the venue. Existing Impact Data clients using TalkBox will have these details automatically imported to their account, while non-account-holders can download from Visitsafe.

No software or equipment is required beyond an internet connection, and groups can hold multiple venue accounts. The company cites set-up in “under one minute”.

Details of multiple customers can be added from a single device, by a patron or staff, and records can be easily retrieved by staff and customers, but are automatically deleted after the required 28 days.

Impact Data reports Visitsafe meets government requirements for COVID-19 contact tracing.


Mystery Management Keeping Customer Confidence

Mystery Management is a national hospitality specialist service offering a suite of services and products to help operators optimise their business opportunities.

Their key services include:

  • Mystery Shopping: following a site visit by a Mystery Management secret shopper, who inspects and engages with every aspect of the venue, the operator is presented with a comprehensive report on everything observed, including description of each staff member, summary of customer demographics per area, a scorecard on every part of the venue, images, a summary of the overall score and explanation behind each rating
  • Mystery Shopping – website and telephone
  • Compliance Checks: available in multiple topics, including the new COVID Compliance App, which is a checklist-style system allowing operators to add any number of things deemed currently relevant to running the venue
  • Customer Satisfaction: action plans to improve efficiency and service
  • Unique Software – available to MM clients free of charge, such as: Live Shift reports, which provides information on number of guests, shift changes and incidents, with the option of including incremental takings figures, allowing ongoing updates throughout a day; and the QR code application, allowing venues to gather customer information, and/or provide online menu ordering
  • Action Plan: a system managing that once a licensee has read and accepted a report, they must fill out an online document detailing their action plan for improvements. Subsequent MM service reports will point out changes and improvements

  • Trading restrictions in venues may be in place in some form for some time and customers, atop being somewhat tentative in venturing out, are likely to be more discerning that usual. This means now is a time to consider a focus on new customer acquisition and retention, and what Mystery Management principal Louise Heffernan calls “the best customer experience possible” and the essentials of hospitality.

    “I’ve been seeing a trend during the month of June where some staff members don’t know if they are coming or going. Do they clean? Do the serve? Are they explaining the temporary restrictions properly? Are they still displaying a welcoming demeanour or are they now more concerned with wiping things down and keeping people apart?

    “It’s actually a battle for the venue to keep a healthy balance right now. Now is the most critical time to be ensuring your venue is giving the best and safest experience for their customers.”


Leigh Barrett Assoc Postlockdown

Leigh Barrett & Associates (LBA) is a leading provider of specialist training to the hospitality industry. In the post-pandemic environment, LBA is offering a range of courses for venues – at low or no cost.

AML/CTF (Anti Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing) training in line with the relevant Acts is being provided for gaming venues free of charge.

The online sessions and are designed for licensees, directors, managers and compliance officers, and provide practical advice applicable for day-to-day compliance in hospitality venues.

The sessions can be  done on a laptop, tablet, desktop or smart phone, but require a webcam and microphone, and adequate internet connection. Headphones recommended.

Recognising the varying conditions across states, LBA has new Post-Lockdown Return To Work training sessions, providing staff with the skills for resuming trade. Like all LBA sessions it provides practical advice relevant for hospitality.

Charge: $60. Group bookings available.

LBA Armed Hold-up training is a live, face-to-face two-hour session via Zoom that covers topics based in practical responses in the event of an armed robbery, including: how to behave, what do the bandits want, what to do during the incident and managing the venue afterwards, minimising the potential of a robbery occurring, and self-care.

Charge: $60. Group bookings available.

Workplace/Occupational Health & Safety training for the hospitality industry provides management and staff with the practical tools to ensure that comply with legislation. This includes: know obligations; having strong workplace safety policies and procedures; being able to identify, report and rectify hazards and risks; and, adopting best practice procedures.

The module features topics covering: who is responsible, good housekeeping, manual handling, slips and trips, first aid basics, workplace bullying and harassment, and managing abusive/difficult patrons.

Charge: $60. Group bookings available.

Mainstar Services is a professional cleaning company that works with companies of all sizes.

In the COVID environment it is offering the specialist Microbe Shield system, which laboratory tests have confirmed to be 99.99 per cent effective against COVID-19 transmission on surfaces for 30 days. Routine cleaning can continue and does not disrupt the Microbe Shield.

This system uses Zoono Z-71, registered by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Association. It is less toxic to people than vitamin C or coffee, even safe to use around food. it is colourless, odourless, non-leaching, environmentally safe and non-corrosive.

Zoono Z-71 is applied to a surface by fogging, leaving behind a thin layer that bonds to the surface. The solution’s molecules are positively charged polymers that attract and pierce and rupture the cell walls of pathogens, which are negatively charged. The antimicrobial pins form a barrier for up to 30 days.

Beyond COVID-19, Microbe Shield system protects against all coronavirus’ (notably SARS and MERS), N9H2, H1N1, Norovirus, e-coli, MRSA and salmonella, as well as mould, fungi and algae.

Mainstar Services

Mainstar has been offering these kinds of specialised services for the past seven years and its employees each boast over a decade of experience on large-scale projects at a national level.

The company has been busy fogging hotels in multiple states, such as Armidale’s St Kilda Hotel.

“Using Mainstar Services for Covid-19 protection gives me peace of mind that my staff and patrons are protected from the second wave,” says the licensee.

Brad Aulsebrook from Mainstay laments the pandemic whirlwind has left Oz looking at a change to life that may include the novel virus for the foreseeable future.

“As we adjust to this ‘new normal’ business are seeking peace of mind and reassurance that surfaces and environments are reliably and professionally protected from COVID-19.

“In the words of our PM, Scott Morrison, ‘We’ve got to live alongside COVID. It’s not going anywhere’.”

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