Editors Rant

This edition was actually scheduled to come out late July, but mid-July the folks at the Gaming Technologies Association (GTA), organisers of the AGE, made the unwelcome yet prudent decision to anticipate the worst and postpone the show again. For the second year in a row the biggest gaming expo in the southern hemisphere would not proceed. And likewise, our ‘Preview’ edition set to be released in the lead-up was postponed, to instead be a virtual substitute for the real thing.

The move proved to be a good decision, as New South Wales, and particularly Sydney, quickly slid into another wave of positive COVID cases, in the wake of the new Delta strain.

A month on from decision to halt the AGE wind-up, Sydney is still in lockdown, with no guarantee of an end in the near future. Australia’s sluggish vaccine rollout has been much criticised, yet the uncertainty of 2020 to some degree made way for complacency in the population that’s meant the poor supply of vaccines has barely been noticed by anyone wanting the shot.

In the meantime, the hospitality industry languishes in a purgatory of lockdowns and viral spread – without the support measures of last time around.

But undoubtedly a time will come when life and the economy will return to some manner of revised normal, and the whizz-bang of hospitality – as triumphed each year at the AGE – will once again be in demand. In the hope that this comes sooner than later, we have masked up and herded together the best bits of what would have been at this year’s AGE.



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