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Australasian Gaming Expo (AGE) 2022

The Comeback

It’s been a tumultuous 155 weeks since Australia’s hospitality movers and shakers last trod the carpeted expanse of suppliers showcasing their wares, at the last AGE.

As the largest trade event of its kind in the southern hemisphere, it was one of the many experiences that became untenable during containment periods of the pandemic.

Hundreds of potential exhibitors missed the chance to show pub and club professionals their latest products and innovations. In some consolation, PubTIC published a ‘Virtual AGE’ edition, featuring some of the besieged suppliers who would have been present had AGE 2020 not been forced to cancel.

And regrettably, the process was repeated in 2021, as the number of people projected to attend surpassed permissible gathering size, following the second round of lockdowns in New South Wales.

But this time around it is all systems go, with a three-year backlog of new stuff to show off.

An enthusiastic 200 exhibitors are prepped and hyped to welcome thousands of visitors through the halls of the ICC Sydney this week, on 9-11 August.

Plenty more than Gaming

In deference to the Expo’s title, the AGE – while encompassing everything a gaming room could ever need – brings together even more companies in the business of everything else that happens in hospitality. And by everything, we’re talking start to finish, bottom to top.

Head to the AGE if you’d like to talk to architects or designers, discuss construction with builders, fit the venue with new flooring, interiors, A/C or systems, attract patrons with signage or loyalty, entertain the crowd with equipment, sound and video, serve up on-trend and cost-effective food and beverages, make payments faster, cheaper, simpler and linked to internal systems – and so much more.  

AGE - hospitality

AGE - hospitality


The Gaming Technologies Association (GTA), organisers of the Australasian Gaming Expo (AGE) have released details on the two days of seminars set to take place at the big show.

The AGE will be open to hospitality professionals Tuesday, 9 August to Thursday, 11 August, at the ICC Sydney, in Darling Harbour. 

Seminars will be held in the ICC’s event rooms on the first two days of the AGE, including PubTIC’s own presentation on the challenges facing hospitality in employment.

All seminars are free, but places are limited. Book to attend the AGE and seminars HERE.

Program outline:

Tuesday 9 August

10:15am Opening Remarks and Welcome - Jinesh Patel, CEO, GTA

10:30am NSW: Then and Now - Terry O'Halloran, Industry Insights, Aristocrat

10.55am Panel Session - NSW: Then and Now explored - Moderator - Terry O'Halloran, Industry Insights, Aristocrat

11.15am Morning Break

11.30am The Hospitality Staffing Crisis - Clyde Mooney, Publishing Editor, PubTIC

12.30 pm Lunch break

1.30pm Digital Wallets and the Future - Alan Townsend, General Manager, Utopia Gaming

2.00pm Panel session - Digital wallets and Cashless Gaming - Moderator Michelle Pascoe, Alan Townsend

2.20pm Afternoon break

2.40pm Using Data to Navigate Treacherous Business Conditions - Melanie Jones, Commercial Manager, Compassify

3.10pm Trends in Member Engagement - Marianne Doyle, CEO, Buzz Consultants

3.50pm Close

Wednesday 10 August

9:30am QLD: Then and Now - Terry O'Halloran, Industry Insights, Aristocrat

9.50am Panel Session: QLD: Then and Now explored - Moderator - Terry O'Halloran, Industry Insights, Aristocrat

10.15am Morning break

10.30 Panel Session - Slots: the convergence between ANZ and Asian studios/themes/mechanics - Moderator Ben Blaschke

11.10 Panel Session - Contrasting Australian gaming regulation with other Asian jurisdictions - Moderator Ben Blaschke

11.55 Close for Lunch - Networking lunch in the Grand Ballroom

2.15pm Anti Money Laundering - Frank Makryllos, Cherryhub

3.00pm Trends in Food & Beverage - Steve Sidd, Group Managing Director, Catering HQ

3.40pm Close

AGE - hospitality

Australian Vintage Limited (AVL)

Come to the Tempus Two stand (#678) for all your on-premise wine and cocktail needs!   

At Tempus Two, our conviction is to do things a little differently from other brands. We don’t follow tradition, we go beyond it. And we want our drinkers to do the same; to enjoy our wines any way they choose.  

Our approach is simple: the best regions, the best varieties, made to be enjoyed your way across a range of wines.  

We have more than meets the eye in 2022! Tempus Two is going beyond tradition and launching a range of Gins, including a world first Prosecco Gin, and a Shiraz Gin. Unshackled from winemaking traditions, our Copper series makes any occasion a celebration, so we decided to make gin from grape wine spirits that harness each variety’s unique characteristics. Made from premium quality wine, the alcohol is gently extracted, creating grape wine spirits

that maintain the unique varietal qualities, and are infused with complementary botanicals that elevate each spirit’s inherent characteristics. 

We are also showcasing a new range of Ready-To-Drink Cocktails. Relaxed host with the most, meet Mr Stubbs, our quirky, moustached mixologist. He’s here to help you raise the bar with a range of no-fuss, bar-worthy cocktails that are so like the real deal, even your fancy friends will be impressed. 

The authentic and delicious Mr Stubbs range is inspired by popular classic cocktails, and includes a Margi, Cosmo and Espresso. Each bottle has five perfectly measured and balanced cocktail serves. Simply shake and serve! Varieties available in keg and catering sizes with tap decals available.  

Email: Ph: 1800 531 965  

AGE - hospitality

Banktech (Banktech Group)


Australia’s leading independent ATM deployer, Banktech, continues to build the bridge between cash and digital payments by re-inventing the ATM. 

Banktech has re-designed the humble ATM to ensure it remains an integral part of the digital age. To achieve this, Banktech has incorporated a number of additional components including a barcode scanner and a banknote acceptor, and built a sophisticated digital processing framework to deliver a wide range of digital services not previously available on an ATM. 

ATM Plus gives customers the ability to deposit and withdraw cash from a mobile digital account – whether that is a Bank account, a sports betting account or in the future a gaming account. 

“Installing a CashConnect ATM Plus terminal from Banktech ensures your venue is positioned for both a cash and digital future,“ said Henry Kiwarkis, General Manager - Sales. “ATM Plus ensures you are looking after your traditional ATM customers while also servicing the digital requirements of the next generation that carry phones - not cards.” 

Banktech is working with a range of digital partners to broaden the services available at ATM Plus.  

“ATM Plus will increasingly deliver a range of digital services that attract patrons to your venue and help grow your revenue,” said Kiwarkis. 

For more information click here or visit us at Stand 310 at the AGE. 

Banktech extends 20 year partnership with THE AHA NSW 

Banktech, best known as the operator of the CashConnect ATM Network - the leading provider to the hospitality industry - recently signed a new sponsorship agreement with the Australian Hotels Association NSW. 

“We have built strong relationships with the AHA over the last 20 years and we look forward to continuing to help its members grow - particularly as they come out of COVID,” said Kiwarkis. 

“We have always found the AHA NSW to be a highly professional organisation and we are happy to throw our support behind them,” said Henry. “This was certainly true during the worst of the pandemic. The AHA offered strong leadership to the industry, while also working closely with its suppliers to ensure everyone kept their doors open.” 

“We are pleased to continue our long-term partnership with Banktech, who have always been strong supporters of our industry and have an excellent reputation among our members,” added AHA NSW CEO, John Whelan. 

AGE - hospitality

Big Screen Video

“Don’t think you can call yourself a sports bar unless you have this setup!” was heard when Panthers Penrith Leagues Club’s LED Video Wall, installed by BSV, went live May 2022.  

As the experts in video wall technology, BSV proudly calls over 400 hospitality venues across Australia home to LED screens. With the benefits of split screen technology becoming an emerging trend with venues and patrons alike, a BSV LED Video Wall is now a venue’s must-have. 

Join the club that has patrons coming back for more 

Our portfolio of iconic venues is testament to how BSV brings a venue’s matchday to life. With a BSV LED Video Wall, pubs and clubs can showcase multiple displays on their screens; from live sport and music to entertainment and sponsor activations, in one seamless presentation. 

The ability to show multiple concurrent games and events live, in one space, is a true game changer for venues. With major events such as the Melbourne Cup, Footy Finals and the World Cup on the horizon, a BSV LED Split Screen Wall lets patrons watch every big game, on your big screen. Split screen technology can entertain multiple demographics on one screen – each cheering for their favourite sport and maximising your return on investment! 

Experience the BSV difference  

This year BSV has already installed over 1,100sqm of LED across three countries and across Australia. Our ‘always on’ service and dedication to the highest quality of componentry has meant repeat clients across hospitality, backed by their trust in BSV to deliver an exceptional result. In fact, there are pubs and clubs across the country with not just multiple BSV installs, but multiple BSV Split Screen LED walls. 

If you want to experience the difference for yourself, be sure to visit the BSV team at the 2022 AGE, where we will have the exact technology on display for you to see in action – including our touch pad controller. 

Whether it’s a split screen video wall or a unique gaming install, outdoor beer garden screen or signage, our knowledge and experience means we are best placed to recommend the best option for your venue. 

Interested in a booking a meeting during AGE? Give us a call on 1300 244 727 or email to organise a catch up with one of our team. 

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BlueCats Hospitality

Finding the right table in record time 

Anyone who has been out to a popular venue on a busy night knows how hard it is to find an empty table, but spare a thought for the hard-working waitstaff trying to bring order to chaos by finding a single flag among hundreds of tables in a large, noisy venue. Customers don’t always know where they’re sitting if they order their meal before finding somewhere, to save time, or move to a better table when one becomes available.  

This needle-in-a-haystack approach can be frustrating for waitstaff and patrons alike, but for businesses it means a high proportion of meals arriving cold and being returned to the kitchen. The cold meals then need to be reheated or thrown out, wasting both time and food with detrimental impacts upon profitability, productivity and customer satisfaction.  

The Solution   

Sydney’s iconic Opera Bar, Merivale’s Coogee Pavilion, Canterbury Leagues Club, various RSL Clubs and other large venues all over Australia have found the answer to these challenges in BlueCats’ precision tracking solutions, which use a variety of short-range, high frequency, wireless communication protocols, such as Bluetooth LE and Ultra-Wideband. 

Each table flag fitted with a BlueCats Tag transmits its location to BlueCats Readers installed throughout the restaurant, and networked with BlueCats software, displaying the location on a

screen and allowing waitstaff to quickly locate the table before delivering the order. Apart from installing a BlueCats tag into the table flag, there is no change to a venues existing workflow.  

The Results  

By installing the BlueCats Hospitality tracking solutions, venues gain constant real time visibility of customers and their table flag’s location no matter where they are. Every venue that has implemented a BlueCats Hospitality tracking solution has seen increased customer satisfaction from timely delivery of food orders and increased profitability by reducing food waste and the need to reheat dishes as well as increasing throughput. See some testimonials here. 

Founded in 2010, BlueCats provides solutions to create safer, more efficient and productive workplaces. Headquartered in Sydney, with US offices in Texas and Alabama, BlueCats specializes in real time proximity and sensing technology to increase safety and productivity.  

L5/ 1 Northcliff St, Milsons Point NSW  

Sandy Wright / Commercial Operations Manager +61 405 995 292 

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Visit us at Stand 875 at the Australasian Gaming Expo 2022, at ICC Sydney, Darling Harbour. 

CellarControl has now been around for 15 years, and we are still the same price as we were back in 2007.  

This means we are saving venues even more time and money today than we did back then.  

If you don't already use CellarControl, it’s a great way to reduce costs. This helps cover the increased cost of beer, of beer excise, freight, labour and more.

Over three days, the world's best gaming and hospitality equipment and services are on show for hotel executives from all around Australia, and overseas.  

Be sure to say hello to the CellarControl team at Stand 875. Looking forward to seeing your there! 


Hunter Technologies 

1 / 678 Coleridge Road, Bateau Bay, NSW 2261

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The face recognition company

Cognitec is the only company worldwide that has worked exclusively on face recognition technology since its inception in 2002, offering products for facial image database search, recorded video investigation, real-time video screening and people analytics, border control, and biometric photo capturing. 

Cognitec’s highly specialized face recognition technology FaceVACS-VideoScan has a proven track record to support physical security measures in casinos by alerting security staff in real time about banned persons entering the premises.  

Cognitec has supported various large-scale design and implementation efforts at casino sites worldwide that now successfully prevent losses and criminal activities. In addition, the technology alerts casino staff about self-enrolled problem gamblers and very important customers. 

A recently added feature set allows users to perform complex investigations on persons appearing both in real-time camera streams and stored media files.

For example, security staff can upload videos recorded at a specific location and time to track possible participants in a crime. 

Users can find a person enrolled in an image database or search for an unknown person and locate their appearances in multiple videos. Person searches can also make use of filters that specify age ranges, gender, ethnicity and glasses. 

As a component of the FaceVACS-VideoScan product, Cognitec offers a highly specialized IP video camera with built-in face detection and tracking technology. The camera provides optimal image quality for real-time face recognition, even under challenging conditions, while requiring low computing hardware and bandwidth resources. 

Visitors to the Australasian Gaming Expo in Sydney can see the technology in action at booth 344. Let our experts tell you about the outstanding performance and crime prevention values we have achieved at casinos around the world! 

Contact: Terry Hartmann | | 

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Compassify P/L 

Business signals – Gaming heatmap – Customer journeys 

Stand 686 


COMPASSIFY was conceived pre-COVID, but the need for our solutions has only increased as business conditions become more and more treacherous. 

Business today 

Staff shortages, inflation, fickle customers, competitive pressures, rising interest rates and a potential recession make it all the more vital that venue operators have at their fingertips the very best tools to steer a course to success, avoid the rocks, and continue to prosper. 

#1: Survive 

To survive and prosper, you first need to ensure that your venue is running as well as it possibly can. COMPASSIFY’s Business signals + Gaming heatmap protects your downside by illuminating your blind spots. This product enables you to detect and troubleshoot deteriorating business trends, and act quickly to course-correct and then monitor the results of the changes you make. (That includes on your gaming floor!) And because staff and customer satisfaction are fundamental to a venue’s success, our product naturally includes technology to capture and monitor these metrics.

This is data as it should be: all signal, no noise. It’s like you’re seeing in colour for the first time. Come and see for yourself at AGE! 

#2: Prosper 

Your survival secured, it’s time to prosper. As the old saying goes: to the winner the spoils! So what can you do to impress your patrons and keep them coming back, spending more, and recommending you to their friends? The answer: give your marketing team the tools they need to do their best work, purpose built for the Australian club and hotel industry. 

Introducing COMPASSIFY's Customer journeys. This product drives top line growth by responding to new and existing members according to their behaviour. No more generic birthday specials (yawn!); now you can make members feel welcome via a highly personalised onboarding journey, keep them coming back and enjoying their favourite experiences, and gather their feedback and NPS*. Should they start to fall into the snares of the ever-changing competition, you can reactivate them and bring them back! Now that’s #winning.  

Best of all, our solutions seamlessly embrace and leverage your existing operational systems, and are available on a subscription basis, with a small onboarding fee - removing all IT and development risk and hassle. And we're 100% Australian designed and deployed. 

Sounds too good to be true? That’s why we’re at AGE! Come and see us for yourself, at Stand 686.  

We’re happy to book you in for the VIP treatment - just email us with your preferred attendance date and time. We’re looking forward to meeting you! 

*If you got here – well done! In case you’re wondering – yes, Customer journey NPS feeds back automatically to our Signals product … naturally! 

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Crane Payment Innovations

Crane Payment Innovations will showcase a suite of connectivity-enabled solutions for the gaming industry during the Australasian Gaming Expo, August 9-11.  

Our extensive range of payment and processing solutions are supported by our world-class, in-house service team and software platform to ensure operations so smooth, you won’t even know we’re there. We’re constantly thinking about ways to make your business run better in a world where efficiency, labour concerns and customer satisfaction are top of mind. 

Join us to learn about the cutting-edge solutions we’re bringing to your casino, including SC Advance, Easitrax Connect, Easitrax Web, Paypod, and JetScan IFX 400, which we will be showcasing at the Australasian Gaming Expo.

  • Addressing labour concerns so you can do more with less: Free up valuable associate time when you reduce issues on the floor related to service, emergency drops, and fraud discrepancies with live data provided by Easitrax Connect. 

  • More payment options for increased customer satisfaction: Give customers the convenience they want with the highest acceptance rate in cash payment, so your customers can stay happy and play longer. 

  • Improve backroom efficiency with the industry’s most trusted processing platform: Eliminate counting errors and reduce accounting time by up to 15 hours per day with smart cash and ticket processing hardware and integrated software.   

For more information about our Gaming solutions visit our website:  

or submit a sales inquiry at  

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Better Than a Bank. Better for Your Business.

You don’t have to search the globe for the best equipment, machinery, and vehicle finance solutions for your business. Our expert team of finance brokers will source equipment finance offers that suit your business’ unique needs.  

At Finlease, we have over 30 years of experience, 1000+ 5-star reviews, and an extensive network of reliable lenders. When you partner with our friendly team, you’ll find your equipment finance experience far better than any bank.

Why Finlease? 

Finding the right equipment finance shouldn’t cause more problems than you’re trying to solve.

At Finlease, we ensure a simple and streamlined equipment finance process – whether you’re a sole trader or growing company. Having been in the business for over three decades, we enjoy uninterrupted access to 30+ leading financiers with a combined total of over $700 million funded every year.  

  • Branches in every state 

  • Vast network of finance connections 

  • We handle all paperwork and boring bits 

  • Obligation-free pre-approval process 

  • Open and transparent communication 

  • Never work with a bank again! 

John Cannon - Equipment Finance Broker 0484 114 

1/186 Douglas St, Oxley, QLD 4075

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Hostplus Balanced (MySuper) option delivers positive returns to members in volatile year 

We were pleased to deliver a positive 1.57% return for members in our Balanced (MySuper) option in 2021/2022. This great result for members occurred in a year where the industry median return for Balanced options was negative.* 

Since the beginning of the year, challenging investment conditions have plagued global markets. Political tensions, rising inflation and increasing interest rates are driving this volatility. 

In these conditions, Hostplus delivered investment outperformance to our members, relative to our peers. Over 1, 5, 7, 10, 15 and 20 years to 30 June 2022, the Hostplus Balanced option ranked as the #1 top-performing option.* 

This performance track record is testament to our active investment approach. We believe active management and strategic asset allocation will be the key to managing continued volatility over the coming years. It’s an investment strategy that aims to perform in different market conditions, helping smooth out returns over the longer term by choosing investments (both listed and unlisted) based on how we believe they will perform in different market conditions. Our active management strategy is informed by regular and independent valuations of our listed and unlisted assets. 

Positive achievements for our Socially Responsible Investment option 

Our Socially Responsible Investment option also achieved a positive return of 2.36% for the financial year.

This occurred in the same year we announced our commitment to transitioning to net zero by 2050. It demonstrates the impact active management can have in delivering strong investment returns. 

When it comes to investing sustainably, it’s not just about what you exclude. It’s what you include that makes the biggest impact. Hostplus was recently recognised by Rainmaker Information as an ‘ESG leader’. The rating recognises funds with high environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards. They must also have a track record of strong investment performance. 

We are proud our members can choose what they invest their money in. And that they can do so without compromising their investment returns. 

Staying calm in the face of market volatility 

History shows the volatility experienced in the first half of 2022 can spook members. This can prompt moves to switch super balances to less volatile options. But it’s important members use moments like these to pause and reflect on their objectives. What we’ve seen recently is a normal part of investing in assets like shares. 

Hostplus’ investment strategy is highly diversified and built for the long-term. Our leading investment returns reflect the advantages of scale and stability, and demonstrate the importance of a robust, long-term investment strategy.  

Some staff may be feeling concerned about their investments in these challenging times. It’s a good idea to seek financial advice before making any decisions to switch investments. Hostplus members can access a range of financial advice tools that can help. Chat to the team at the AGE, or visit to learn more. 

*Source: SuperRatings Accumulation Fund Crediting Rate Survey - SR 50 Balanced (60-76) Index, June 2022 

Past performance is not an indication of future performance. This information is general advice only and does not take into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. You should consider if this information is appropriate for you in light of your circumstances before acting on it. Please read the relevant Hostplus Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), available at before making a decision about Hostplus. For a description of the target market, please read the Target Market Determination (TMD), available at Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. 

Hostplus has engaged Industry Fund Services Limited (IFS) ABN 54 007 016 195, AFSL 232514 to facilitate the provision of personal financial advice to members of Hostplus. Advice is provided by financial planners who are Authorised Representatives of IFS. Fees may apply for Comprehensive Financial Advice, further information about the cost of comprehensive advice is set out in the relevant IFS Financial Services Guide, a copy of which is available from your financial planner. Hostplus has engaged Link Advice Pty Ltd ABN 36 105 811 836, ASFL 258145 to facilitate the provision of limited personal financial advice to members of Hostplus via the web-based product Super Adviser. 

Issued by Host-Plus Pty Limited ABN 79 008 634 704, AFSL 244392 as trustee for the Hostplus Superannuation Fund (the Fund) ABN 68 657 495 890, MySuper No 68 657 495 890 198.

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Industric Solutions P/L

Industric Gaming Solutions is not only a high-quality provider of bases, screens and any custom joinery that a gaming venue may require, we also provide full interior design service and project management for gaming room fit-outs.  

With a state-of-the-art 3,000sqm manufacturing facility in Rydalmere, NSW and over 50 full-time staff, no gaming room is too big or too small. With install teams in all major capital cities, we are able to service gaming venues anywhere in Australia.  

Our bases are designed with technicians in mind: modular and easily reconfigurable, with the most space for cables. If it’s time to update, our team would love to design a gaming space that’s inviting and comfortable for your patrons.  

Great design, superior customer service, quality manufacturing, precision installs and craftmanship backed by a 5-year warranty. Contact Ben Yarnold (+61)403 928 678

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Insite Architects 

James Bate

Insite Architects is committed to developing a wide range of high-quality design projects through close interaction, collaboration and consultation with our clients. We pride ourselves on our key principles of integrity, creativity, and communication through all stages of design and construction.  

Our Process 

Our team brings more than 40 years of experience designing destinations for the hospitality and leisure sectors. We have a wealth of knowledge in designing restaurants, cafés and hotels internally and externally to a high quality of standards.   

Insite’s vision is informed by a deep understanding of industry operators, patron demographic and regional context. Our team is attentive to operational and design needs, including food and beverage, leisure and retail, wagering and gaming, racing and sports clubs, meaning the architecture and interior design are approached with deep and focused consideration.  

(03) 9499 6504 | 

James Bate (+61)419 375 011 

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Karo Australia P/L

For the past 36 years, Karo has designed and manufactured high-quality office chairs and gaming stools for clubs, pubs, hotels and casinos. We are a specialist manufacturer of seating products for the gaming industry and our stools can be found in gaming venues located in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, New Zealand and Australia. All our stools are designed and manufactured in South Africa and carry a 7-year warranty.  

At Karo, we understand that gaming stools are a significant investment and it is essential that they satisfy the requirements of both the venue operator, and their patrons.  

For the venue operator: a reliable product and cost-effective service package is a priority. 

The patrons on the other hand, demand a clean and ergonomically comfortable seat that is easy to move into position.

To satisfy these requirements, we offer a smarter seating solution.

For example: 

  • Our experience in designing high-quality office chairs allows us to incorporate modern ergonomic principles into our gaming stools, thereby improving the comfort of your patrons.

  • In 2013, we developed the Ezi-Glide Disc Base that allows you to effortlessly move our gaming stools across any type of floor surface. 

  • We upholster our stools using a glue-free process that allows for more cost-effective reupholstery, thereby prolonging the life of the chairs.  

  • For improved patron comfort and cleanliness, our Quick-Release seats make it possible to quickly exchange a soiled or damaged seat cushion within minutes, right on the gaming floor. 

  • Our exclusive taper-lock design allows our pedestal stools to be easily converted from one height to another at a fraction of the cost of a new stool. This translates into a significant saving when new machine bases result in your existing stools being at the incorrect ergonomic height.  

  • To further improve comfort and longevity, our seats are all manufactured in-house using automotive-grade PU moulded foam. 

  • The heavy-duty and robust design of our casino chairs allows us to offer a 7-year warranty on all our ranges.  

  • Our unique weld-free design for pedestal stools eliminates the catastrophic failures commonly associated with chairs that have welded joints.  

  • Interested in a smarter seating solution for your gaming room? Visit our website or contact us for more information. Tel: (02) 8313-7090

AGE - hospitality

Metro Staffing Solutions P/L

Metro Solutions provides outsourced Bookkeeping and Payroll services, and our on-demand HR and Recruitment functions complement these services.  

Outsourcing to Metro will give you peace of mind knowing the work is being carried out 52 weeks a year for a fixed fee.  

We free up time spent by Management on these tasks so the focus can be directed back to the venue.  

We remove the worry of who will perform these tasks when key staff take leave, along with the associated matters of cross-training, on-costs and holiday pay.  

It is one less thing to worry about within this current climate of staff shortages, illness and general upheaval in our industry. 

Metro Solutions has the ability to implement systems and procedures to create internal efficiencies and enable you to easily define your financial position, as well as ensuring transparency for compliance.  

Key Workplace Solutions (Key WS) shares the stand with Metro Solutions and assists Clubs and Hotels of all sizes navigate the complex issues of Workers Compensation, Injury Management, Work Health and Safety and Legislation.

Working with Management and staff, Key WS will identify the best possible outcome for your business in the most timely, proactive and cost-effective way.  

Key WS has in-depth knowledge of HEM, CEM and the Workers’ Compensation system, plus the elements at play when dealing with a claim.  

Key WS can manage the entire process of a claim by dealing effectively with all parties; the injured worker, insurers, allied healthcare providers and claim managers. The sooner injured staff get back to work, the less impact it will have on your premium and Key WS will help you achieve this result.   

Metro Solutions 

Unit 35, 8 Avenue of the Americas  

Newington NSW 2127 

PO Box 7100 Silverwater NSW 2128 

Ph: 02 9648 5868  

Key Workplace Solutions 

PO Box 389 Neutral Bay NSW 2089 

Ph: 0413 033 238  

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Mint FF&E

Mint Furniture 

At Mint we are hospitality furniture specialists offering custom and creative solutions. We don't just sell furniture; we work one-on-one with our clients to understand their needs and create a one-of-a-kind result.  

We work directly with managers to ensure we hit the brief every step of the way, or we can liaise directly with your architects and builders to simply wow you with the finished product. We are committed to offering all our clients the best customer service, product expertise, project management and quality control, from the first meeting, right up to the final install and beyond. 

Our design experts put together carefully curated product selections and furniture layouts that are unique to your venue. Our aim is to help add value to your space by creating an inviting atmosphere that your customers will want to return to time and time again. 

We source products from international and Australian designers to meet a range of creative, functional, and budget requirements. We can also customise our products to ensure they are entirely compatible with your customer’s needs. We specialise in hospitality furniture but are not limited to it, we also supply: lighting, pots, styling pieces, joinery, and accessories. If you have something unique in mind, just ask!  

Mint is an Australian owned and family operated business based in Sydney. Mum and daughter duo Sue and Ally Jago have been managing the business with their global team since 2007. They value honesty, integrity, creativity, and fun – and ensure that this translates to all projects, no matter the size. 

If you need high-quality, well designed furniture for your hospitality venue, come and say hello to our team at Stand 790 at the Australasian Gaming Expo. 02 9669 6775  

Unit 7, 69 Riordan St Alexandria, Sydney NSW 2015 

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Next Payments

Next Payments is launching Pago EFTPOS – see it and more payment and technology solutions at the AGE 2022. Stand 597 

Visit us to be one of the first to discover the benefits of Pago EFTPOS. 

Pago EFTPOS is designed to suit the needs of the hospitality and gaming industry and offers competitive, customised pricing and has a flat rate with no hidden fees - ensuring you get the best value for your venue. 

Pago accepts all the major ways to pay and has a range of extra features: POS integration, Portable and durable, Fast transactions and easy to use, Optional surcharging, Integrated tips and split billing, Flexible settlement times, Secure and user-friendly dashboard, Venue logo on the terminal screen, and more.  

Expect the same level of premium service with Pago that you get with your other Next Payments products, including 24/7 local phone support, field technicians and industry best uptime.  

Plus, Next Payments is giving the first 50 customers who register a free EFTPOS terminal! To register, click here.

You will also see Next Payments’ range of sophisticated hardware and software solutions that drive efficiencies and savings, including:  

Click here to book in a demo now.  

Remember to register your details at the Next Payments stand to go in the draw to win one of two prizes!

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Nufurn Commercial Furniture

Established 1996, Nufurn Commercial Furniture is 100% Australian owned. We design, manufacture and supply a comprehensive range of commercial furniture, specialising in the contract hospitality, healthcare and event segments.  

We provide exceptional, innovative products to create value and promote creativity, and pride ourselves on outstanding customer service that exceeds expectations. We will research, design and innovate, to consistently provide better products for an ever-changing industry.  

Our current commercial furniture solutions include: Gaming Stools, Wood Look Aluminium Furniture, Bon Genuine European Bentwood Chairs and Barstools, Indoor and Outdoor Seating and Tables, Complete Banquet / Conference Centre Range, Custom Sofas, Stainless Steel Furniture, Stackable Event Seating and Tables, Dance Floors and Staging. 

With our experience in manufacturing and supplying furniture to the hospitality industry, we truly understand the importance of strength and style. Durability is the cornerstone of our design process – seen in the finished quality of our commercial furniture.  

Nufurn has dedicated Club and Pub Account managers, ready to assist with drawing floor plans, producing finishes schedules and helping with colour schemes.  

Kathy Sollars (+61)478 117 512 |

  • Campsie RSL – 2022 Installation

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Quantaco Hits Hospitality Pain Points With its Latest ‘What if…’ Campaign 

Having created a turn-key solutions tailored to the hospitality industry and supporting the recovery of many businesses over the last two years, Quantaco is launching its latest ‘What If…’ campaign.  

The campaign will go live on 8 August and will feature in the press, across socials, paid advertising, and most notably the Australasian Gaming Expo (AGE) at ICC Sydney.  

With the aim of speaking directly to hospitality businesses and publicans across Australia, the ‘What If…’ campaign gets to the heart of some of the biggest pain points the industry is facing right now and provides clear solutions to resolve them.  

This builds on the momentum of the last 12-18 months of support that Quantaco has been providing to the industry and hospitality owner community, post-COVID-19. 

The hope is that with this campaign Quantaco can reach and support even more businesses with solutions that can make a huge impact. For example, Quantaco’s current toolkit can:  

  • Increase growth and profit 

  • Reduce wage costs 

  • Reduce the potential for fraud 

  • Provide greater access to enterprise-grade technology  

  • Make increasing compliance needs simpler to manage 

This is exactly what this latest campaign hopes to communicate.  

“It focuses on exactly the use cases and results we’ve been putting into practice with our clients,” explains Quantaco CEO, Anthony Sullivan, on what inspired the campaign. 

“From a 4% EBITDAR increase to a 6% decrease in wage costs, our solutions, managed on your behalf, address the current gap for hospitality businesses right now.” 

Join Quantaco at Booth 323 at the Australasian Gaming Expo to win prizes, including a $1000 travel voucher, and learn more about how they can help. 8346 6000 

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RDM Pizza Australia

We specialise in Artisan Rustic Edge par-baked pizza bases, slow fermented snap frozen pizza dough balls, as well as ready-to-eat pizza options for both retail and foodservice. Let’s share our obsession together! 

Winner, two years in a row, of the acclaimed Best of the Best Traditional Pizza Challenge, Riccardo Moretti knows a thing or two about pizza. Launching RDM Pizza Australia in 2015, Riccardo has set about manufacturing authentic, high quality pizza bases and dough for the foodservice and retail markets. RDM’s products are lovingly made by hand, using authentic family recipes and only the best quality ingredients. Our passion is delivering on a guarantee of quality and consistency every single time.  

See the RDM Pizza team at Stand 677 and see how you can maximise your menu's bottom line with our pizza solutions. | (02) 8040 2459 |


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