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You may have been wondering (but probably not) where the hell the all bells-and-whistles PubTIC Webazine has been for the past eight months. Well, we’ve been busy.

As it happens, our last edition (October … you may have seen it) was very popular, and in fact has been continuing to get clicks (another 42 this week), so we’ve kept it readily available in the newsletter.

But behind the scenes, we’ve been planning, designing and building something completely different.

For the past seven-plus years PubTIC has been working to become the one stop go-to place for information on owning and operating pubs. Last year, we launched ClubTIC with the same goal, for the licensed clubs industry.

Much of the feedback from both over the past 12 months (and earlier) was that there were grave problems afoot for employment in these sectors. As vanquished workers scattered during the first lockdown, many unsurprisingly found alternatives, as other sectors thrived in the new opportunities created by a stay-at and work-from-home population.  

Making hay on the bandwagon of business pivots, we boldly embarked on a quest to build a specialised industry employment resource that could become the same such go-to in the niche of staffing for pubs and clubs.

I’ll be the first to admit, the challenge was a little bigger and more complex than first envisioned. While we may be accustomed to building libraries of articles and facts (as per The Information Collective), the task of creating a robust jobs site was not a small one.

The site had to overcome the operational hurdles of data handling and privacy, and secure payment gateways, but importantly it had to provide functionality over and above what is found on other job sites. We figure, if we don’t do something different, how can we expect different results to the other million jobs sites?

It is with this introduction I produce our new service: HospoWork.

Recognising that the power is with the workers (at least for now), this site lets workers from within and outside the industry post their qualifications in a ‘Bio’. Employers registered with us can assess their skills and forward an introduction, potentially negating the need for a job ad.  

HospoWork is likely to go through significant evolution and expansion in the coming year, and while we have involved many in its preparation, we hope many more in the pub industry can work with us to make this a service that benefits all.



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